Forced-air heating and cooling have provided a world of relief to many homeowners. The system works to push cooled or heated air rapidly throughout the home, creating a cozier and more comfortable atmosphere for the household. It offers an almost instantaneous reprieve from unfavourable weather conditions, making it the preferred choice for central air conditioning in Edmonton.

However, like everything else, forced-air heating and cooling come with their caveats. Whether you’d like to replace your current system with a forced-air one or your forced-air system is displaying issues, it’s essential to know the recurring problems that may affect your comfort and satisfaction with it. Here are three common issues found in forced-air systems:


  • Lower Indoor Air Quality


Modern forced-air heating and cooling systems efficiently condition the indoor air by filtering out allergens and other irritating substances, thereby increasing its overall quality. However, if your system is ageing, run-down, or ill-maintained, it may struggle to remove these irritants. As a result, the irritants gather in the ductwork, causing it to shrink, putting more stress on the system. It then pushes pollen, dust, dander, and pet hair into your home, producing an overall lower indoor air quality.

When this happens, your household may experience breathing difficulties. For those with respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies, such contaminated air can be dangerous to their health, as it will constantly trigger their condition. To prevent this, be sure to call an air conditioning service to check your vents and clean your ducts thoroughly. 


  • Compromised Efficiency


Forced-air heating and cooling systems are effective at controlling a home’s indoor temperature. However, it isn’t the most efficient since even a well-oiled and functioning system consumes a large amount of energy to work correctly. However, it can also run into a few issues that increase consumption even further while producing the same output. For example, damaged fans, wiring, or faulty systems can result in a worn system, reducing its efficiency.

Faulty ductwork is also a common culprit. Whether it was poorly installed or sustained damage, ductwork with holes and gaps allows air to escape, which means less filtered air circulates in your home. Additionally, achieving your desired temperature involves using more energy. To resolve this, you’ll need to call an air conditioning service to clean and service the entire system, including the ducts.


  • Blocked or Damaged Filters


Even though a seasoned professional should be left in charge of maintaining your system, you should still clean or replace your system’s filter from time to time. Without doing so, debris will be more likely to enter the ducts, causing the system to overwork itself and leading to more repairs. You may even have to replace the system well before its lifespan due to the lack of regular maintenance.

How often you must change your filter depends on the type used by your system, along with indoor air quality, the number of people in your household, the irritants outside, and the pets you have. Still, it’s best to change the filter every 1 to 2 months.


These common issues can lead to an expensive and less than ideal experience with forced-air heating and cooling, which are otherwise useful systems that provide plenty of comfort to Edmonton residents. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your system, you’re almost guaranteed never to experience these three problems. 

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