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May 18, 2016


3 Glaring Signs that Say You Need to Call Edmonton Drain Cleaners

A sewer drain clog can be a major problem in your Edmonton home. Such a problem can block off your pipes, leaving the waste and water with no exit route. What results in waste matter and water finding their way back into your home? The moment you notice a sewer drain clog, call in professional Edmonton drain cleaners immediately.

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Do not use any of your plumbing systems until the repairs are complete. That means that you should not use your washing machine, flush the toilet, or use any water source until the clog has been removed. Look out for the following signs.

Flow Issues and Multiple Clogged Fixtures

Is your shower drain or sink having a hard time emptying the water out? That is a common issue associated with clogged drains. Junk settling in the drain clogs up water flow and makes the outcome slow and minimal. Look out for low pressure because that is one sign that your drain needs cleaning.

Foul Odours

A strong bad smell can be an indication of a clogged sewer. Usually, the unpleasant odor results from decaying organic matter such as oil, grease, scraps of food, and such elements trapped in your drainage system. This is a problem that often occurs in your kitchen sink.

Your drain will need to be cleaned and sterilized. One excellent way of getting rid of such odors in the future is by installing a garbage disposal. Periodic cleaning from professional plumbing companies in Edmonton is another good idea.

Water Flooding
The moment water backs up from your drain, you will have to decontaminate your flooring and have the problem fixed immediately. An experienced drain cleaner will identify the source of the problem and fix it.

If you have experienced recurring clogging problems, it may be time to stop trying to unclog the drain on your own. A clogging issue that never goes away means you are not getting rid of the underlying problem. Understand that you may keep experiencing the same problem as long as professional cleaning is not employed.

A plumbing professional such as those from Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd not only has the right tools but also bears the know-how and technicalities of getting deep into the major cause of the blockage.

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