Buying an old house can be a good investment, but you need to check the condition of the house before purchase. When you buy a house, you generally check the neighbourhood, the lawn area, and the home space, but do you check the plumbing system?

So, when buying a house, you should know what plumbing questions to ask. The good news is that we have listed the questions you need to ask.

1) Why Ask About Plumbing?

Plumbing is one of the basic elements of the house, yet its status makes a huge difference to the house. A bad plumbing system results in problems like leaks, lack of hot water and more. Furthermore, buying a house with a bad plumbing system means that you will have to make a big expense after the purchase.

In addition, the cost will entirely depend on how bad the condition of the pipes is, how much time it will take to fix it and the intensity of the problem. Therefore, it is better to ask plumbing questions while buying an old house.

2) Which Quality Pipes Are Used?

The quality of the pipes is essential, as it sets the plumbing lifespan. For example, stainless steel is of high-grade quality because it resists rust and tarnishing, giving it a longer lifespan; which is generally over 20 years. On the other hand, if the house has polybutylene pipes, then it won’t last beyond 10 years. Since polybutylene pipes are cost-effective, the material is not extremely strong.

Therefore, you must inspect the pipes and assess when it was installed.

3) What Is the Sewer Line’s Condition?

Sewer lines are a critical plumbing element.

Also known as the mainline, it is a space from where all the waste water passes through. Any home that is older than 20 years, definitely needs to have its sewer line checked. It’s not uncommon for old sewer lines to have tree root growth, or waste matter collected, which can easily cause water backups or clogs.

4) Can the Pipes Withstand Winter?

When the pipes are exposed to a cold temperature, they are likely to freeze. This can lead to the bursting of the pipe. Therefore, you must ask if any precautions were taken before. A common precaution taken is to have the pipes insulated with foam. You may also want to look out for cracks on the pipe, which is an indication of water bursting during winter.

5) How Old Is the Piping System?

The age of the piping system is critical to know. The older your piping system, the more likely you will have to do repairs, or worse, replace all the pipes at home, due to old age and corrosion.

Also, ask for the reports of the plumbing inspection to get a better idea of plumbing history. And if possible, you can call the professional plumber and get the inspection done, which will give you the latest update on the condition.

These are the plumbing questions you need to ask when buying an old house. If you are buying a house, it doesn’t hurt to get a plumbing audit done by one of our experts. We provide excellent plumbing service in Edmonton, which is built on a legacy of trust.