Summer is right around the corner, and your air conditioners are going to stay switched on an entire day. The hot and humid weather in Edmonton is not something you want to tolerate. Do you know what you would do if your air conditioner broke down and the servicing person takes more than a day to arrive? Probably nothing, because you would get a heatstroke by then! Take a look at the five signs listed down to make sure you know if and when your air conditioner is failing so that you can call the air repair expert in advance.

1) It Makes Rattling and Ticking Noises

A noisy air conditioner is a sign of the failure of the compressor inside it. It produces a chattering or ticking noise when being switched on. Besides the compressor, you must also pay attention to the furnace, which can start making a rattling or rumbling sound. It happens because the motor that distributes the air may have stopped functioning correctly and began to thrash within the concealed area.

2) Consistent Leaks

Moisture leaks are common and are also a health hazard. It happens because of the refrigerant leaking out of the compressor which further causes health issues with symptoms like headache, nausea, cough, etc. Leaking of refrigerants eventually leads the air conditioner to stop functioning due to the loss of the chemicals needed to run it.

3) Less Cold Air Generation

The generator produces cold air, and once you start noticing that less air is being ventilated, it means the generator is broken. In some cases, this also happens when the duct pipes have been clogged. The air conditioner producing warm air may also mean that the compressor has very low refrigerant left.

4) Thermostat Keeps Varying

A compressor before breaking down completely will show signs of fluctuating temperatures. Usually, the air conditioner has to balance the temperature of the entire room. But if the thermostat is broken then different parts of the room will have varying temperatures.

5) AC Produces a Pungent Odour

A pungent or foul odor is caused due to the burning taking place inside the compressor. This is usually the hardest sign to observe but requires immediate attention. There are chances of a layer of mold forming inside the compressor that will produce a musty smell. This should be taken care of instantly.

Of course, nobody wants their air conditioner to let them down, but one has to take good care of it, to make sure there are no negative consequences. Service your air conditioner regularly, and watch out for unusual signs that may seem like the compressor is breaking down.