As summer slowly starts to approach, the temperatures gradually start to rise. This sudden heat can affect a majority of home systems in Canada’s many communities, most of which had been so used to the cold. One of the hard-hit parts of those systems is definitely the plumbing aspect as waterways and pipes begin to thaw from the freezing cold.

Although it can be a time to celebrate and let go of the winter coats, summer also entails more water usage to keep ourselves hydrated and refreshed during the season. This means the plumbing has to work twice as much just to accommodate that need. 

Remember that a home’s plumbing system should be properly maintained at all times, but especially when it’s used more frequently. Have it inspected regularly for any problems and make reparations as soon as possible.

If you don’t know what signs to look out for, here are some things that are signalling you about your overworked plumbing system.

1. Flooded Flooring

Part of having frozen pathways of water thaw when the heat comes is the excess water dripping and leaking where it can. Plus, summer is no exception to rainfall, which can affect your home’s pipes and water lines. 

Protect your basement’s flooring and home foundation by anticipating any flooding. Check for cracks in advance where it’s likely for a leak to happen. After spotting it, contact a plumbing professional who can deal with the issue.

2. Dysfunctional Sink

If you head to the kitchen sink and turn it on, only to find out that the water is collecting in the drain, this can be a definite sign that your plumbing system is having problems. Food chunks and grime may start accumulating in the disposal pipes and make them almost unusable to drain.

There are some DIY tricks that you can try, such as pouring in some baking soda and vinegar mixture or using a plumber’s snake. It’d be wise to get a plumbing professional to take a look at the sink, though, to find out the actual cause of the blockage.

3. Unusable Toilet and Shower

Another signifier of an overworked plumbing system that will be hard to miss is an unusable bathroom. Clogged toilets and showers can be a nightmare, especially in a time when hygiene is one of the most important things ever. These items are practically used every day, so finding out that they aren’t working can be a real bummer and cause a plumbing emergency.

4. Unmaintained Outdoor Water Fixture

In Canada, summer may be one of the few opportunities to use outdoor fixtures like the sprinkler and garden hose to help revitalize your yard a little. However, these things can get damaged easily when they start to leak or don’t work as intended after a prolonged period of not using them. Be sure to test run and keep an eye on them to determine what needs some attention and fixing.

5. Malfunctioning Washing Machine

Wearing fresh and new summer-esque clothes is a great way to greet the sun, but it might be more of a pain when the washing machine starts to overload and malfunction. It could be a problem with the device itself, but there could be an issue with the plumbing system connected to it. It can be a little costly to have this fixed, but you should let an expert handle it.


Being able to spot these telltale signs can help you determine any problems in your plumbing systems quicker. Don’t be afraid to dial an expert to save yourself from any plumbing troubles this summer.

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