You’ve probably been using your furnace heater extensively this winter season. But are you overworking it? Can you tell if your heating equipment is going to make it through the cold season or not? Here are some warning signs to watch out for so you’ll know it’s time to contact an Edmonton furnace service and have your heating equipment checked.

Weird noises

If you hear unusual noises inside your furnace system that you’ve never heard before, that’s practically a guarantee that you have a furnace problem. A grinding or chattering noise indicates an electrical problem, while a banging, huffing, and puffing sound often means a delayed ignition issue. Meanwhile, clanging and clunking usually means a cracked or broken belt.

Yellow flame
A furnace in good working condition displays a blue flame. This means that the device’s fuel-burning capabilities are clean and stable. A yellow flame can be problematic, as this indicates that there’s dirt in the burner that prevents the fuel and air from mixing properly.

The lingering smell of soot

It’s common to have a dusty smell around the house during the first days of furnace use, but if the smell persists for weeks and even months, then that’s something to worry about. You can try replacing the air filter to see if it solves the problem. Otherwise, it’s time to accept that your furnace has a serious issue.

Carbon monoxide detectors beeping

The scary thing about carbon monoxide is that it’s a deadly compound that you can’t see, smell, or taste. That’s why if you use a gas furnace at home, it’s important that you have carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home, and that you check them regularly. Even with carbon monoxide detectors, you must still provide your heating unit with good ventilation, and make sure the area around it is free from any flammable objects.

If you encounter any of these problems, don’t delay to call an Edmonton furnace installation and repair professional such as Capital Plumbing to drop by your home and have the issue taken care of immediately. Not only your comfort, but your health can depend on it as well. Have your furnace repaired or replaced as necessary to stay snug and warm until the warmer months roll in.