Is there anything better than watching icy snow fall outside while staying toasty and cozy by the window of your house? Capital Plumbing and Heating wants to make sure your home can stay a comfortable haven during the winter season. 

Trust us, we understand the importance of a properly functioning furnace! Having family and friends over on super cold days, you want to ensure that everything is working properly. An efficiently operating furnace is essential to enjoying your time together. 

You can always trust our technicians to come out to inspect and repair any heating problems that may occur. Plus we provide upfront pricing so that you know exactly what to expect with our furnace repair and replacement services!

Important signs to look out for so that you can catch any issues with your furnace before they turn into bigger problems such as it making lots of noise! Keep an ear out for bumping, rattling, hissing, banging, or creaking sounds. 

If you notice uneven temperatures throughout your home that can also be a sign of an aging furnace losing its ability to distribute heat. When you’re constantly having to make repairs to your furnace, it may be time to consider investing in an entirely new unit. 

Furnaces are built to last for roughly 20 years, depending on the maintenance you put into them. The benefits of installing a new furnace include that they are much quieter, more energy efficient, heat faster, are safer, and have fewer breakdowns! 

To enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-heated home during the winter season, call Capital to come over for routine furnace maintenance, repair, or replacement anytime!