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Join Capital Club for Discounted 24-hour
Plumbing & Heating Services in Edmonton!

  • Are you tired of those pesky repair plumbing repair bills popping up at the worst times?
  • Do you want to protect your home with exclusive plumbing and heating services tailored to your needs?

We have the perfect program for you…

Say hello to Capital Club!

When you join our Capital Club, you gain access to exclusive member benefits of our Plumbing and HVAC services in Edmonton, AB! Not only will you be first in line for any needed repairs or replacements, but you will also save loads of money by staying protected with our routine maintenance perks.

With Capital Club, you can protect your home from costly repairs for LESS THAN $1/day!

Why Should You Join Capital Club?

Receive $400 worth of plumbing and heating services each year - FOR FREE!
Each year, our experts in Edmonton will come to your home to inspect and maintain your plumbing and heating systems, providing services worth $400 and saving you from any accidents or issues. These services include:
  • Toilet inspection and minor adjustments
  • Faucet performance testing
  • Water line damage assessment
  • Bathroom and kitchen piping assessment
  • Sink and drain leak inspection
  • Washing machine checking and testing
  • Water heater safety, leakage, and corrosion testing
  • Other plumbing and heating concerns that you might have that day
  • Annual Furnace Service included/Furnace safety check

Get first in line for fast service!

We value our Capital Club members and prioritize you to immediately address your concerns, needs, or urgent repairs.

Get a 10% discount on ALL services and repairs. You have access to many money-saving perks, including:

  • Longer warranty for Capital Club Members
  • Service Guarantee (3-Years): If a problem should reoccur within the specified time period, we will return to your home and make it right.
  • Club Member Only Offers. Club Members will receive email specials that are available only to our Club Members.
  • Club Members also get access to special offers from our network of preferred home service contractors.

Reduced price on emergency calls. Never pay full price for unforeseen issues that need immediate attention!

We are nuts about our customers! When you become a member of our exclusive Capital Club, you will be put first in line, all the time. Our team will prioritize your needs to inspect, maintain, repair, and service your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. Protect your home and your wallet by joining our Capital Club!

Capital's experts are ready to help

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We're Nuts About Our Customers!
Capital Plumbing Logo

Capital Plumbing and Heating was founded in 2001 in Edmonton, Alberta, and our main office is still located there. We proudly serve Edmonton and surrounding areas as emergency plumbing service providers in Edmonton.

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