Capital Club

Protect your home from costly and annoying plumbing problems with only pennies a day…less then $1 a day!

Do you want to give your home absolute high-quality plumbing service and maintenance? Then look no further than the Capital Club! As a member, you will receive unparalleled plumbing service right when you need it! The best part is that membership only $19.95/month membership! Only 22% of our clients may apply for the Capital Club, so if you want only the best for your plumbing, sign up now while slots last!

The best time to fix a problem is before it becomes a problem

Receive $200 worth of plumbing and heating service free!

Each year, one of our Certified Service Technicians will visit your home to conduct a thorough inspection and scheduled service, as well as analyze all connected and related equipment.

All of this is a $200 value service package that is absolutely free for members! The free service includes:

Toilet inspection and minor adjustments

Faucet performance testing

Water line damage assessment

Bathroom and kitchen piping assessment

Sink and drain leak inspection

Washing machine checking and testing

Water heater safety, leakage, and corrosion testing

Other plumbing and heating concerns that you might have that day

Annual Furnace Service included/Furnace safety check

First in line for service!

When it comes to plumbing Emergencies, we prioritize members of the Capital Club above all else to deliver quality service as needed. If you still need specific issues resolved, we will be happy to rebook non-club appointments to address your concerns immediately.

10% off on the cost of repairs!

Capital Club members can enjoy a fixed 10% discount on Service + Repairs.

Longer warranty for Capital Club Members

Service Guarantee ( 3-Years): If a problem should reoccur within the specified time period, we will return to your home and make it right.

Club Member Only Offers. Club Members will receive email specials that are available only to our Club Members.

Club Members also get access to special offers from our network of preferred home service contractors.

Never pay full price for an emergency call out. (Capital Club members fee is reduced) 10% discount On service and repairs.

Our promise

Members of the Capital Club will be assured of a home free from leaky faucets, clogged toilets, and broken water lines. If you book an appointment with us, expect us to prioritize your immediate needs. Our services are available to you every day and any day, especially during emergencies. You are even able to take the Club Membership with you if you move. Just ask us how.

It’s easy to join! Simply call us to set up your capital club membership and your coverage begins immediately. Don’t hesitate, call us today.

Emergency Leaks & Burst Pipes

If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24-hour emergency plumbing

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