AC Replacement Services in Edmonton

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Should You Replace Your AC?

When your air conditioning unit is not working effectively to cool your home, you may want to replace your entire unit. There are many benefits of your air conditioner replacement, including:

Capital Plumbing & Heating will save you the trouble of selecting a specific AC model or central cooling system by suggesting ones that offer the right cooling capacity for your property.

We handle all aspects of the air conditioning installation process to leave you with a functional, efficient, and cool home.

The Best AC Replacement Company in Edmonton

Your cooling system suffers from wear and tear from consistent, repeated use over time.

To maintain your air conditioner and cooling system, you will need to maintain your equipment with repairs and partial replacements. When you worry that your air conditioning units, ducts, or filters are in disrepair, trust our professionals to restore them back to their efficient condition.

7 Signs You Need to Replace your AC:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We’ve got you covered! Check out our FAQ for quick answers to common queries. Need info not covered? Reach out, and we’ll happily assist with any questions or concerns you have. We’re here to help!

1. When should I Consider Replacing my Air Conditioner?

Consider replacing your AC if it’s old, frequently needs repairs, or struggles to cool your home. Upgrading to a more energy-efficient model can save money in the long run.

2. What Size AC Unit do I Need for my Home?

The right AC size depends on your home’s square footage. Consulting with HVAC professionals helps determine the proper size for efficient cooling.

3. Are there any Tax Incentives or Rebates for Replacing my AC System?

Yes, there are some tax incentives or rebates for replacing your AC system in Edmonton. One of them is the Zero Emission Vehicle Tax Incentive for Businesses, which allows you to deduct 100% of the cost of a new zero-emission vehicle or equipment, such as an electric heat pump, in the year you buy it. Another one is the Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator, which offers up to $10,000 for making energy-efficient upgrades to your home, such as installing a high-efficiency AC system.

4. What Maintenance is Required for a Newly Installed AC System?

Regular maintenance includes changing filters, cleaning coils, and scheduling professional check-ups. This ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your new AC.

5. Can I Install a Smart Thermostat with a New AC System in Edmonton?

Yes, you can install a smart thermostat with a new AC system. Smart thermostats enhance control and energy efficiency, making them a popular choice for modern HVAC setups.

6. What Maintenance Practices can Extend the Lifespan of a New AC Unit in Edmonton?

Regularly clean or replace filters, schedule professional maintenance annually, and keep the outdoor unit clear of debris to maximize the lifespan of your new AC unit in Edmonton’s climate.

Real Customer Reviews on Google

Kevin ConradKevin Conrad
18:16 16 Feb 24
Great customer service, great job, always great at explaining everything
Joshua LothamerJoshua Lothamer
04:11 16 Feb 24
Friendly, informative, and overall a pleasure to deal with Chris. Capital Plumbing unfortunately has a $99 show up fee, understandable, and I did not compare prices so will not attest to that but they showed up within 24 hours when a lot of others said within a week.
Jeanette SpanikJeanette Spanik
08:21 10 Feb 24
Prompt & Courteous Service.
George RamsayGeorge Ramsay
18:42 09 Feb 24
Chris is an excellent hard working gentleman. Very satisfied.
Michael NiemiMichael Niemi
20:33 08 Feb 24
I used Capital Plumbing at my old residence. They were the best then and still continue to be today. I knew when I called for service for my new place I would definitely get the same service. I was right and they didn’t disappoint. The technician was excellent. The lady that answered the phone was the best customer service representative I have ever talk to. They are very lucky to have such a great representative for their company answer the phone. It all starts with the phone call. I would 100% recommend this company to everyone
Josiah DyckerhoffJosiah Dyckerhoff
18:27 24 Jan 24
(Updated from 1 to 3 stars) They eventually did the work they said they would do but:- they didn’t do the work the first time they came- I had to call them six times to get them to finally listen and come back without charging me even more- the tech complained to my wife that the job was underquoted (even though the quote was given on site after a thorough examination of our system)- I have no way of checking whether he did a good job or rushed through it because he thought we weren’t paying enoughI give 3 stars because the job was eventually completed but I had to hound them and argue to get them to do the job they originally agreed to for the price they quoted. If you want the full story, read on.I asked them to come give me a quote for a water softener and descaling - they originally told me it would be a free quote and then tried to change that to be $100 for a “service call”, which I had to argue to avoid.The tech was friendly and helpful, so I agreed to do the descaling for about $500. After maybe 45 minutes he said he couldn’t do the descaling because he didn’t know if the unit was designed to be descaled, and he admitted he didn’t really do anything for me. He charged me a reduced price but still over $250, and I didn’t think I had any choice. After he left I called the boiler manufacturer and within 10 minutes found out it should be descaled.It took two weeks of me calling over and over, speaking to different receptionists and hearing various reasons they couldn’t do it yet or couldn’t confirm a price and then they would just stop calling me back. Finally I was told I would have to pay the full original price on top of what I already paid. I said that was unacceptable because all I am asking is for them to do what they originally said they would do and I am willing to pay the difference.I was told a manager would reach out to me to discuss. Mid afternoon I called again and was told he had just stepped out but would call as soon as he got back. Finally the next morning he called back and agreed to do what I was asking, and a tech came the next week. The tech was at our house for about 1.5 hours and complained that we were underquoted but still honoured the price.
04:59 28 Dec 23
Second time I’ve used Capital Plumbing because first experience was fantastic as was my current experience. Dave is very knowledgeable and explained everything. Explained the cost process before picking up a part. Will be definitely requesting Dave when needed in the future. Thank you so much.
19:49 21 Nov 23
Dave and the team were great! I had an issue with my in-floor heating and they were easy to schedule, on time to the appointment and very pleasant!They even returned on a courtesy after my initial appointment to validate everything was working. Thank you!!