As the warmth starts to kick in, it’s time to ensure your home HVAC system is in good condition to provide you with cool air. However, air duct cleaning of the system is essential irrespective of the season. HVAC experts suggest undertaking the air duct cleaning even at the residential level so that the system functions at its optimum productivity. Clean ducts provide clean air to breathe. Unclean ducts can release pollutants in the air that can cause allergies, throat infection, congestion and several respiratory diseases. Apart from regular maintenance, here are some tips for the homeowners concerning cleaning air ducts at home.

Set Your Thermostat to Fan On Position

It is advisable to set the thermostat setting to the fan position while you clean the air ducts. This will help move the dust that loosens up during the cleaning process. In case you have an old thermostat, HVAC experts suggest putting the setting on heat mode if you do not have the fan setting.

Remove Dust in Ducts

It is best first to clean off the dust built up in the ductwork in your basement. At times damp dust gets stuck in the ductwork, which can be loosened up and swept out during the air duct cleaning process. Ensure to clean every duct that is accessible with a light hand.

Clean the Supply Registers

Remove the dust accumulated in the supply registers with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum as far as you can, and after that, opt for a microfibre cloth. Make this cloth damp and use it to clean the interiors of the duct. Rinse the fabric repeatedly to avoid cleaning the duct with the dust you just removed.

Sweep out the Dust in Blower Compartment

Once you are done cleaning the duct and the supply register, switch off the thermostat and the power of the furnace system. Then remove the panels in front of the furnace to access the blower compartment and the return air boot. Make use of the vacuum cleaner again to clear off the dust accumulated in both these areas.

Replace Furnace Filter

Replacing the furnace filter is essential to clean the air ducts entirely. Over time, dust will accumulate in the furnace filter, and it is best to replace them when cleaning the air ducts. This ensures you have an uninterrupted and clean airflow in your home. HVAC experts recommend getting the filter replaced once in three months.

Undertaking air duct cleaning at regular intervals by yourself will help you keep the system clean and its effectiveness intact. Also, you must call for routine maintenance by professionals to ensure the system does not overwork and functions correctly. In Edmonton, we at Capital Plumbing and Heating can help you with your HVAC system’s preventative maintenance and regular care. Be rest assured, our HVAC experts will assist you with every support you need with the system.