Spring cleaning your water heater should not be avoided at any cost. Often, water heaters are often neglected despite being the most important appliance in your home. But guess what? It only takes a few minutes of maintenance to keep your water heating running efficiently as it should be extremely essential. It should be regularly conducted to save the hassle and expense of a replacement. The primary cause of water heater failure is because of the sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. When it builds up, the water heater uses more energy for heating the water. This failure in the system causes a crackling, sizzling noise when heating elements. And thus, this wastes a large amount of energy and often requires regular water heater maintenance.

1) Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater

Anode rods determine the lifespan of your water heater. These anode rods are secured from the top of the system and work in a way that corrosion happens on the rods before occurring on the surface’s steel surface. By keeping a check on your anode rods and replacing it when necessary, the corroded anode rods can extend the water heater’s lifespan.

2) Eliminate The Sediments

The primary reason for your water heater failure is the sedimentary build up in the tank as it becomes difficult for the system to function because of the debris build-up. The problems become worse when the water heater is electric, and this build-up happens on the system’s electrodes. But fortunately, the majority of problems can be solved when you look into it every spring without failing to keep the water heater in its best form.

3) Reduce The Noise Of The Water Heater

There is nothing more frustrating than being awoken by the loud, frightening sound of your water heater when in use. A noisy water heater is a sign that your system is falling. This build-up will cause the system to circulate the water no longer efficiently.  By regular spring maintenance, you can prevent this and keep the water circulation going. And obviously, you can expect the noise to go away too.

4) Reduce Energy Costs

Energy costs and heating speeds go hand-in-hand because it takes more time to heat a calcified water tank. This requires more energy for providing the same amount of hot water, leading to a higher monthly bill from your energy provider. Spring cleaning your water heater will help in reducing this financial burden.

5) Avoid Foul Odors From Stagnant Water

The occurrence of stagnant water is expected when there is nowhere for the foul water to go – because of the system’s failure. And stagnant water leads to an unpleasant smell from it.

Simple measures have multiple benefits, and the most important one being the longevity of your water heater. The best way to maintain your appliance is to schedule a regular checkup of your heater. There is no set number of times you should plan your maintenance, but spring cleaning should be scheduled without failing. Get in touch with Capital Plumbing today to get your hands on the best services from our experts.