Category: Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

The air ducts of your air conditioner not only control the preferred temperature in your home but also the quality of the indoor air. However, due to numerous reasons, these ducts can accumulate dirt, and over time, require regular cleaning and maintenance. At Capital Plumbing, the end goal is to assist people with their air conditioners duct cleaning. In […]

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If you’ve spent a hot summer day at home or in your office, without the air conditioner functioning, it’s an experience you certainly do not ever want to repeat. One does not even think about their air conditioner failing until they need it to work and it doesn’t. Repairs can prove to be costly so […]

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As the warmth starts to kick in, it’s time to ensure your home HVAC system is in good condition to provide you with cool air. However, air duct cleaning of the system is essential irrespective of the season. HVAC experts suggest undertaking the air duct cleaning even at the residential level so that the system […]

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