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August 24, 2022

4 Best Ways to Manage a Plumbing Emergency With Ease

Owning a toilet has its ups and downs (no pun intended). Plumbing problems are, likewise, common in every household, but you can easily deal with them using some simple tactics till emergency plumbing services get there. This is provided, of course, that you’ve made a call to them as soon as the emergency occurred!

4 Ways To Manage A Plumbing Emergency

When you are facing a plumbing emergency in Edmonton, the first thing to do is remain calm. Stay focused on the problem to find the best way to fix it. Here are 4 easy ways you can efficiently handle some everyday plumbing problems:

1. Turning off Water Supply for Overflowing Pipes

The first thing to do when you see water overflowing from a pipe is to check its source to confirm where it is coming from. As expected, there’s no point in trying to save water downstream if you’re not even sure of the source of the problem, right?

As soon as you find that supply, turn it off. It will save water and stop not only the pipe but also potentially other endpoints from overflowing, saving you gallons of water. Additionally, turn off the water heater to prevent the hot water from damaging any pipes in your home. 

2. Unclogging a Toilet

The sight of an overflowing toilet is disturbing for sure, but there’s little you can do to fix or control the issue immediately. As you wait for the emergency plumbing service to arrive, wear your gloves, keep a bucket by your side, and get right to business! Turn off the water supply and minimize the mess by soaking up extra water.

You should not, however, try to unclog the toilet for the danger of making an even bigger mess. Using a plunger may cause further damage. The clog might not move and may cause an overflow of water to other parts of the house. Also beware of using drain cleaners as they may damage pipes, causing even more of a mess than before.

3. Sealing Leaks And Burst Pipes

Small leaks are easy to fix if you spot them in time. As always, duct tape comes to the rescue, and it might be your best option to shut off a leaking pipe. Use a cloth to soak the extra water and carefully place one end of the duct tape on the dry part. Cover the pipe with duct tape as you stop the water flow on the other end, with the help of a cloth or a clamp. This is, of course, a temporary solution and you need to call an emergency plumber as soon as you have taped over the leak. 

4. Redirecting Water During In-House Flooding

What about the remaining water in the rest of your plumbing system? To avoid in-house flooding, you must redirect the water to the main plumbing line. When you shut off the main water supply, open all the faucets to redirect excess water that remains in the plumbing pipes.

Open the drains of your sink and garbage disposal to let the water flow out into the mainstream. Check all the drain openings outside your house to see if there is any blockage in the main line. Use a coat hanger wire as a snake to unblock the drain. By any means necessary, ensure that you drain your plumbing lines dry.

Contacting Emergency Plumbing Services

Don't wait for too long to call an emergency plumbing service, because they are experts who can permanently resolve the problem. Ask the plumber for advice to control the damage, and follow their instructions carefully to prevent permanent harm to your home.

If you are facing emergency plumbing issues in Edmonton or its surroundings, you can rely on Capital Plumbing to be there in a flash, at your service!

How to manage a Plumbing emergency

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