DIY Plumbing Fixes for Common Spring and Summer Problems

It’s customary to begin cleaning the house as the season changes. Checking your plumbing system is one essential chore that needs to be remembered. Typically, there are several spring and summer plumbing concerns that you may have, from clogged drains to leaky faucets.  Fortunately, there are some DIY plumbing repairs that you can do to […]

The Importance of Pipe Descaling

Even the slightest plumbing issue can be frustrating if the problem, or its origin, is hard to isolate. A surprising number of plumbing-related problems are caused due to a consistent buildup of hardened grease, debris, and oil stuck inside the pipes. This leads to common issues, such as leakages and reduced water flow. If you […]

Ever Had Leaked Pipes In The Winter? Here’s Why…

Winter is known for many things that put a smile on our faces, like the holidays and the snow. Plumbing problems during the winter can cause that smile to turn upside down in the blink of an eye. Cold temperatures make water within your pipes freeze, causing them to crack or burst.  In such cases, […]

Identifying Water Line Problems For Repair and Replacement

Whenever a significant appliance or section of a building’s infrastructure breaks, there’s always a discussion regarding whether to fix or replace it. A repair may either postpone the eventual degradation of the item or resolve the problem. The same holds for faulty water lines! When your water line causes difficulties, you must decide whether to […]

How to Keep Your New Toilet Rust Free

Nothing damages the aesthetic of your newly furnished bathroom, which you have spent a fortune on, more than a rust-stained toilet. The rust gets more difficult to remove after every use until a replacement becomes inevitable. Before you start looking for a refund on your new toilet, put down that bottle of bleach and go […]

4 Best Ways to Manage a Plumbing Emergency With Ease

Owning a toilet has its ups and downs (no pun intended). Plumbing problems are, likewise, common in every household, but you can easily deal with them using some simple tactics till emergency plumbing services get there. This is provided, of course, that you’ve made a call to them as soon as the emergency occurred! 4 […]

3 Simple Tips To Saving Money On Your Plumbing Bill

Plumbing is usually an afterthought for most homeowners, most of us aren’t really educated on the ins and outs – and end up paying extra money for work that could’ve easily been avoided. So, we thought we’d put ourselves out of a job here at Capital Plumbing by giving you a few tips to make […]

4 Tips to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

We, humans, don’t look out for our plumbing system until there are some plumbing emergencies. The plumbing system will cause a problem eventually. But you cannot blame the system as the plumbing cannot take care of its own. We have to look after the system, and if a problem arises, humans are to be blamed. […]

How to Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom

Mold is a common issue prevailing in almost every household but is not often visible. More often, mold is found in damp and dark places such as bathrooms. However, most people choose to ignore mold growth because they think that it isn’t doing them any harm. Mold growth makes your bathroom extremely unhealthy and can […]