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Your plumbing fixtures are always in contact with the water. Since water contains content such as dissolved iron, sulfur bacteria, and acid which can lead to corrosion stains on your plumbing fixtures. Well, you can’t stop water from flowing through those fixtures to stop those stains, but you can surely use some strategies to remove […]

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Plumbing problems occur when you are least expecting them to happen. Just imagine a water pipe cracking with a gush of water, flooding the whole kitchen within a few hours. At that moment you need to have a plumber’s contact number so that they can always rush and fix the problem to prevent any further […]

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Looking for a reliable plumber to fix your plumbing or heating problems? Here’s why you should consider Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to render professional residential plumbing and heating services. 1. Competitive Pricing We offer “Straight Forward Pricing” along with all the best available options. Our services do not come with any sort of hidden […]

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