Something that can be as bad as a nightmare is when you wake up and find your toilet to be clogged or the entire bathroom flooded with dirty, stinky water. Such issues happen when your home’s drainage system is faulty. Before you move on to any assumptions, you must know the exact reason behind the sewer backup problem. The same can happen due to one of these reasons.

Blocked Drains

There are certain things that you just can’t flush down the toilet, such as soft tissues for the face, diapers, paper towels, baby wipes, and so on. In the kitchen sink, you aren’t supposed to drain down soap residue, food waste like peas, sprouts, pulses, fats and oils, seeds the size of a pea, coffee bean waste, and so on.

But if you end up putting all these things in your bathroom and kitchen drains, the drains will eventually get clogged. When water won’t able to pass due to blockage, it will flow back into the kitchen sink or bathroom, bringing along dirty waste. 

Tree Roots

During dry and hot weather, the roots of trees, other wild plants, and saplings will try to find their source of water if they don’t receive water from their surroundings. Their water source will be a hole or crack in the sewer pipeline connecting your home to the main sewer line in the area. Tree roots can travel deep and wide.

Even when there is no plantation in and around your property, the tree roots will reach the water source by seeking it out and penetrating the sewer pipes, especially clay pipes. Clay pipes are porous and easily crackable, making them prone to tree roots. When the drain pipes are filled with tree roots, there is absolutely no passage for water to move. Tree roots can be the leading cause of pipe replacements and sewer backup.

Sewer Damages

Many sewers can’t hold up due to a lack of groundwork support and earth movement. Under such conditions, the sewers collapse and need replacement or repairs. When the pipes aren’t in the condition of transporting waste water out of the house, you’ll experience recurring problems of sewer backup in your home

Once you know the actual cause of sewer backup, you can take or ask a professional to take the right steps and get rid of the backbreaking problem. If you are looking to know more, we can answer all your doubts. Get in touch with us for all your piping woes, whether they are questions or plumbing service requirements.