If you unknowingly forget to change your air conditioner’s filters, you are not alone. Your life can be busy, and you may forget to do this maintenance task. But, what most fail to realise is that it is the most important task. Various factors decide when you should be changing your air conditioners filters. But, ideally, you should be changing it every three months without fail. And if you do not change your air filters on time, below are some signs that will give you clues that it needs replacement.

1) Dust Near The Air Vents Start Appearing

Another common indication of a dirty air filter is when you find dust on surfaces and furniture placed near the vents. If the surfaces nearer to the vents are dustier, it’s a sign that your air conditioner’s filter needs replacement.

2) The Air Conditioner’s Unit Becomes Too Hot

One clear indication of the air conditioner’s filters that need to be replaced is when the back of the unit becomes too hot time and again. If the filter is too dirty, you can also feel the warm air coming out of the back of the unit. A clogged filter forces the system to work harder to keep the house cool. And this leads to more frequent AC repairs and ultimately shortens the lifespan of the system. One way to avoid this is by simply changing the AC filter regularly.

3) The System Is Not Passing Cold Air

You can attribute the reduced HVAC efficiency to various factors. If you have noticed that your air conditioner is no longer cooling the way it used to or is blowing warm air, the first thing you need to do is check the AC filter. A dirty air filter will not allow that refreshing air to pass through it, leaving you in a state of heat. This is a clear sign of changing your air conditioner’s filters regularly.

4) The Electricity Bill Has Suddenly Increased

When you notice the electricity bill is reaching a new high, it becomes difficult to manage. The reason can be a poorly functioning air conditioning system. In summers, one can expect to have higher electricity bills. However, if the bills are higher than usual, the possibility of a dirty air filter is very high. Keep your HVAC system well maintained at all times; it helps in operating more efficiently. And the result is, it lowers your energy bills.

5) Indoor Air Quality Issues Has Arisen

A clean, dust-free filter allows fresh air to come into your homes. But the dirtier the filter, the more contaminants come into your home. This makes the air coming through the system impure and may also have a stringent smell to it. Indoor air quality issues should be addressed, as they can also cause allergies.

The air conditioner’s filters are an essential part of the system. It can drastically affect the performance and efficiency. If you are looking for professionals to help you, contact Capital Plumbing, and in no time, you will stop facing these issues.