Choosing a Plumbing & Heating Company in Edmonton

Usually, when one thinks of a plumber they think about an emergency like no heat, or a burst pipe where you find yourself cold or standing in water in the middle of the night. These are the instances where you frantically search for a phone number to try and have someone come in right away to look after the problem.

This happens to the best of us but frequently it may also result in poor plumbing repairs as well as overpaying for the job and getting ripped off. Often in this type of emergency, the professional tries to fix the job as a temporary patch, and often it will only get worse down the road and maybe even cost you a great deal more money than having it fixed beforehand before it gets too bad. Time to plan ahead.

Ideally what you ought to do is locate a plumber & heating company in Edmonton and ask them a couple of questions to find out if they would best suit your needs in case of an emergency, or possibly any other occurrences where you may require their professional services. Focus on important issues like after-hours service, live answering, and if their technicians are trained, background checked and drug tested.

An expert plumber goes through a great deal of training to become licensed in this market and frequently they do not mind answering several questions in order for you to find out whether they are best suited for your wants. A great step to take is to check their feedback where possible.

Are they BBB members, do they have online reviews, etc? Locating other individuals online who have dealt with them in the past often will tell you in a testimonial whether the business is good to deal with or not. You can ask them whether they are licensed or whether all their technicians are licensed in their trade.

You can ask whether or not they’re insured, both comprehensive coverage and WCB coverage and do they offer a 24-hour emergency service. It really is excellent to know how soon they are able to be at your house in case of emergency.

Finding out in advance whether the company has a Straight Forward Pricing structure, which will prepare you for calling them during emergencies and holidays, will provide you with a good idea as to what you’re going to have to invest when you have to call someone in because of an emergency.

It is often ideal to locate professionals that will permit you to pay for the job as soon as it’s done and you are satisfied with the outcome. All too often bad scenarios can come up when payments are made ahead of time unless you ensure that they have their “Prepaid Contractor’s License”. This is a legal requirement in the Province of Alberta and a lot of “cut-rate” plumbers do not have it. Allowing them to work in your home without it is illegal and if the company has it, you know you are protected.

A great company will also give you guarantees that if something happens to go wrong with their repairs or the work they’ve done, they will come back free of charge to assess the scenario and fix anything if it was their mistake. Lots of companies say they do, but few do it.

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