It is quite necessary to maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis. Extending the life of the unit and better performance are some of the benefits. With the help of little equipment, you can undertake maintenance tasks at home on your own.

A simple and important task is to Clean Air Conditioner Coils regularly. It helps to keep your AC unit working well and keeps you cool during the summer months. We will take you through a process on how to Clean Air Conditioner Coils.

Step 1:

For safety purposes, it is necessary to turn off the power of your Air Conditioner before starting with the cleaning process. It can be easily done by checking the electrical shut off box if your unit has. You can also look for the box outside your home; it will be placed near your AC Unit. In case of not having a shut off box, locate your air conditioner on the breaker of your home circuit and use it to turn off the power. It is vital to complete this step while attempting to Clean Air Conditioner Coils.

Step 2:

The next step involves cleaning the area surrounding your air conditioner. It should be conducted and completed in regular intervals. Clean up tall grass, sticks, weeds, and other debris surrounding your air conditioner. It will help to clean in the future and keep it up and running efficiently. It also ensures a better cleaning effect and reduces future AC maintenance expenses.

Step 3:

Remove the cover of your air conditioner. Keep a small bowl or container handy to collect bolts or screws as it ensures easy recovery of your AC unit and putting the cover back again. It is advisable to check the user manual if you need assistance to determine the correct screwdriver to conduct the process to Clean Air Conditioner Coils.

Step 4:

Spray water on the coils. You can easily complete this step using a garden hose. Avoid spraying the fan of the unit directly. This task helps remove debris.

Step 5:

Spray the coils with the help of foam cleaner. While the coils are wet, continue the process by following the directions mentioned on the container. Allow the cleaner to soak it in completely.

Step 6:

With the use of a fin comb, scrub the coils of the unit. You can also straighten out the bend coils with a fin comb. Debris that is stuck on the unit, along with dust, gets cleaned in this step. You can easily purchase fin combs from a hardware store.

Step 7:

The final step of Clean Air Conditioner Coils involves spraying the cleaner off of the coils. You can complete this step with the help of a garden hose.

Step 8:

Put back your AC unit cover and turn the power of your air conditioner. 

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