Getting a blocked drain can be terribly annoying, especially, if it happens frequently. Clogged drains are one of the top reasons that plumbers are called. If you want to prevent your drains from getting blocked, then you need to know what are the common causes for blocked drains.

1) Oil, Grease, and Fat

Your kitchen sink gets a deposit of oil, grease and fat when you wash dishes or disposes of food. Over time, the oil, grease and fat collect in your plumbing and causes a clog.

Pro Tip: Regularly pouring hot water down your kitchen sink can help prevent such builds up.

2) Hair

One of the most common causes of blocked drains in the shower is hair. Hair can cause really bad clogs because the hair knots up in your pipe, becoming a ball. Eventually, other waste matter like soap and grease latches onto this ball, making the clog worse.

Pro Tip: The best way to stop this from happening is to use a drain hair catcher.

3) Dirt

How often do you throw or wash dirt down the drain? Over time, your drain can experience a build-up of dirt in the pipes causing a blockage to happen. This can get worse if it mixes up with particulate matter.

Pro Tip: Dust your clothes and hands before washing them under the tap.

4) Tissue Paper

You, possibly, quite often flush down your toilet paper. However, what you cannot do is flush down several rolls of toilet paper. This can easily cause a clogged toilet.

5) Feminine Products, Wipes and Diapers

From tampons to baby wipes and diapers, you may be throwing such items down the drain, however, doing so is not a good idea. These items are quite large can easily cause a clogged drain.

Pro Tip: Keep a small dust bin in your bathroom so you can dispose of these items.

6) Food Waste

When you’re washing dishes, do you often put you put the excess food waste down the drain? Even though the food items may be small, over time, they can collect causing you a blocked drain. However, if you have a garbage disposal attached to your kitchen sink then make sure you regularly clean it.

Clogged drains are quite a common plumbing problem, and if you do experience it, a professional plumber is just a call away from helping you. You can reach out to professional plumbers in Edmonton to help solve your clogged drains.