Having broken or damaged water lines in your home can cause constant trouble. Water leaks can cause water accumulation in the premises and affect the entire plumbing system. Such plumbing problems lead to moisture, giving a place for bacteria like moulds and fungus to breed. These bacterias affect the aesthetics of your home, but most importantly, they can harm your health. They lead to various allergies, infections and several respiratory diseases. By undertaking preventive care, you will be in a better position to avoid this problem. Here are some common causes of broken water lines.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a significant reason for broken water lines, especially in Edmonton, where winter powerfully sets in. Water, when exposed to such cold air, causes it to freeze and turn into ice. This ice tends to expand, severely increasing the pressure, which leads to the breakage of pipes. It is advisable to take proper care by using winter-proofing material to avoid the occurrence of such trouble. 

Old Pipes

People often tend to neglect plumbing problems and overlook their maintenance and replacement. Old pipes can lead to a pipe burst, causing severe leakage and flooding in your home. Pipes are subject to corrosion over time, which can wear out the water lines considerably. If you notice any rust or discolouration of your plumbing pipes, get in touch with a plumbing expert to get them replaced right away.

Blocked Pipes

Blocked or clogged water lines can cause inconvenience, but they can lead to pipe bursts if left untreated. Apart from this, they also cause the water to accumulate and back up in your home. It is not only a hindrance to your daily routine but can also be a significant health risk, especially in case of wastewater. It is essential to keep all your plumbing lines free from clogs and blockages by undertaking regular maintenance.

Tree Roots Buildup

It is usual to have plumbing leaks outside your home, and the main reason for this is tree roots buildup. These grow towards the direction of your pipeline leading to blockages and several other problems. Irrespective of how strong or new your pipeline is, if tree roots grow and wrap around them, it can cause a pipe burst. 

Irregular Maintenance

One of the most common reasons for broken water lines or any other plumbing problems is irregular maintenance. People tend to neglect minor issues as it doesn’t have a significant impact on the daily routine. But if all these minor issues are left unchecked, it can lead to severe problems, damaging the entire plumbing system and burning a hole in your wallet. It is recommended to undertake regular maintenance and preventive care for every appliance in your home to maintain its efficiency.

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