The cold winters of Alberta can be pretty gruesome, which is why every household requires a furnace. These gas or electric-powered furnaces provide the necessary heating inside the homes. If your furnace stops functioning or faces an issue, it can put an end to your daily routine and even impact your health since having a warm temperature indoors is essential. To avoid such issues, it is necessary to get your furnace checked before and during the winter. Here are seven common furnace problems that you should be aware of:

The Furnace Won’t Turn On

Your furnace needs to turn on to give you the required heating in the home. However, several things can go wrong, causing the furnace to stop turning on during winters, such as a malfunctioned thermostat, dirty air filter, and a faulty pilot light igniter, among others. Note that some of these issues require cleaning (of the air filter or blower), while some require a professional to fix them (such as an electrical short circuit).

The Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

Sometimes, your furnace might blow cold air or won’t blow sufficient heat to warm up the rooms. There are numerous reasons why this happens, with the primary one being dirty air filters. You should clean and change air filters every one to three months. Another potential issue can be with the air ducts as they are likely to be dirty or leaking. This causes a loss of heat produced by the furnace and affects the total heat your home gets in the process. You will need to call up a technician to get this issue fixed.

The Furnace Is Too Noisy

If you hear rattling, squeaking, or squealing noises, it is likely some mechanical problem. Sometimes, a part of the furnace could also come loose, such as screws, bolts, or other components that produce the sound. Again, if the loose bolt or piece is within your reach, you can simply fix it yourself (once it’s minor) or, contact a technician.

The Furnace Doesn’t Turn Off

After tracing one of the common furnace problems of not turning on, the furnace not turning off is a potential issue. Several things can trigger this issue, such as the air handler not working correctly, the furnace shutting down, the thermostat settings being altered, or the burner not turning off when it should. All these issues can stop the furnace from turning off properly and require an HVAC technician to fix them immediately.

There Is Reduced Airflow

If you are facing reduced airflow or the furnace cannot circulate hot air throughout the house, the problem likely lies with clogged air filters. Cleaning the air filter or getting it replaced will resolve the issue.

There’s a Carbon Monoxide Leak

Another common furnace problem is that small cracks in your furnace’s heat exchanger or the slightest opening can cause carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. This gas is colorless and odorless, so you might not be aware of its presence until it is too late. The lethal gas can fill up your home and cause many adverse effects to your health. To detect the presence of CO in the air, it is advised that you install a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your home. If the detector advises of a leak, remove your family from the home, and call an HVAC company, such as Capital Plumbing, to fix your furnace leak as soon as possible.

There Has Been a Loss of Power or Heat

A common problem among furnaces is sudden or gradual loss of power or heat due to the furnace’s age or an issue with the ignition system. A broken light can also cause a sudden loss of power, among other deterrents.

Don’t let common furnace problems interrupt your day-to-day schedule during the cold weather. Capital Plumbing is at your service as it provides excellent furnace troubleshooting and repair services. Thanks to a team of licensed technicians and expertise to recognize problems and fix them efficiently and economically.