Plumbing emergencies can bring your household chores to a halt. We often overlook the small plumbing issues, which in turn becomes intense and demands immediate attention. Some of the plumbing emergencies can make you sick. For example, if your septic system has leakage, then it can mix with your drinking water, which can cause you Hepatitis or Salmonella. Therefore, it needs quick fixing and periodic inspection.

To help you detect the small plumbing issues before it goes out of your hands, we have mentioned some of the common plumbing emergencies below.

1) Taps Drooling

A leaking tap can be responsible for your increased water bill and water wastage. Continuous dripping of water can damage your flooring and also develop mold. The mold is hideous and causes health problems like throat irritation, cough, wheezing, etc. If the leaking impacts any metal, then the metal is likely to develop rust, causing structural damage. You should fix the leaking taps before they cause rot, rust and develop mold.

2) Cool Heater

You need to get your water heater checked if you aren’t getting warm water. It is caused due to internal rust, high water pressure, burst pipe, etc. A damaged heater can also cause leakage, foul smell, discoloured water, etc. Using such water can be hazardous to your health.

3) A Toilet Lake

You get clogged toilets generally due to flushing objects that can’t be flushed like toilet paper, pads, cotton balls, baby wipes, blockage in a drain line, etc. If so, then it needs immediate attention as this can aggravate your existing health issues like an asthma attack, allergies. Also, the growth of bacteria can lead to chest pain and coughing. It is unhygienic, sickening and can cause more harm to your health and surroundings.

4) Frozen Pipe

If your pipes are exposed to an extremely cold environment, the pipe is likely to freeze. The prone zones are supply lines of swimming pools, basements, attics, garages, and uninsulated pipes. It can then lead to the building of mold, blockage of water, foul smell from the faucet, etc.

5) Sinking Sink

A sinking sink is generally caused due to blockage of food waste, soaps, dirt, small objects, etc. It can be cured by a drain snake, and if that doesn’t help, then it needs a professional plumber to fix it.

6) Damaged Sewer

The sewer is the main line of your house. Any malfunctioning in the mainline can cause chaos as you may face blockages, clogged toilets, foul odours, slow drains, etc. The broken sewer line releases harmful bacteria, and if you come in contact with it, then you might get diagnosed with cholera, amoebiasis, etc.

For unhindered household chores, keep your plumbing issues in check. These common plumbing issues can’t be overlooked. If you want to fix the plumbing emergencies, then you can contact us and get the best service in Edmonton.