As the season changes, your plumbing system is bound to face specific issues. Spring plumbing issues are common, and getting them rectified before or initially as the season begins is a wise decision. Preventive maintenance goes a long way in maintaining the efficiency of your residence’s entire plumbing system. Some common spring plumbing issues that you may encounter are as stated below.

1) Leakage

Irrespective of the season, leakages are one of the major problems faced in the plumbing system. During the winters, the plumbing pipes tend to freeze, leading to tiny cracks on these pipelines. As you approach the spring season and the weather starts getting warmer, these pipes tend to expand, and so do the cracks leading to leaks and the risk of a potential pipe burst. Such leaks give place for moulds and fungus to breed, affecting the health of you and your family and your home’s aesthetics. Always be on the lookout for any standing water, dripping pipes or musty odour that indicates a pipe leak.

2) Slow Drainage

Clogs and blockages in the pipeline lead to slow drains. This can be due to pressure on your outdoor pipes, growth of tree roots in these pipes or lack of drainage maintenance. The effects of blockages may be slow, but they can cause extensive damage to the entire plumbing system if left untreated. No matter how cautious you are of what goes into these drains, you must undertake weekly drain cleaning at the residential level and undertake regular inspections and maintenance by a professional. Our experts at Capital Plumbing and Heating provide thorough drain cleaning services, ensuring that your system always functions effectively.

3) Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is the result of leakages, blockages, clogs, etc. Even though this problem may not be a concern initially, it can cause constant annoyance. In case you face this problem, it is best to resort to a professional as they will be better positioned to get to the root cause. That is why it is always advisable to undertake regular maintenance and preventive care for your entire plumbing system before any such problems turn into significant ones. 

4) Sump Pump Failure

Generally, during the winter season, the sump pumps do not function as the outside water is frozen. But as the season changes, it can cause spring plumbing issues. The warm temperature leads to the melting of this frozen water, making it essential for you to have an effective and reliable sump pump. It would be best to get the sump pump checked before the spring season to ensure it is working correctly and free from any damage.

Plumbing problems are often overlooked to save repair and maintenance costs. All these problems may occur over time irrespective of the ongoing season. The plumbing system is used continuously daily; hence it requires timely care. At Capital Plumbing and Heating, we provide our customers with affordable and reliable services and keep track of their scheduled maintenance so that they do not face any further significant plumbing problems. If you need assistance with the same, feel free to get in touch with us.