When a home’s HVAC system starts acting up, an Edmonton homeowner may not know what to do or whom to turn to. He or she may attempt a few DIY tricks to fix the situation but due to a lack of knowledge and experience, the efforts will be futile.

Worse still, a homeowner may call in an inexperienced technician who may suggest the replacement of a few parts rather than diagnosing and correcting the actual problem. Well, that is what happens in most cases whenever a compressor becomes faulty. It is the most misdiagnosed of Edmonton air conditioning faults, which is why you must learn to identify the first signs of compressor failures.

Hard Starts and Strange Noises

A modern HVAC unit is designed to be quiet when operational. If you hear loud and strange noises from the outdoor unit when the air conditioner is working, your compressor may not be working optimally. There are various reasons for the emanation of strange noises from the unit, but a trained HVAC specialist will determine the precise cause.

Circuit Breaker Trips

Frequent and momentary cuts of power in your air conditioning system could be indicative of two things. It could be that your HVAC system is too small, and therefore, ill-equipped to provide the necessary cooling. It could also be because the compressor is faulty. Since you may not be well-versed with the mechanics or electronics involved, ensure to call in a trained Edmonton air conditioning techicians to check out the unit.


In no instance should a compressor leak out any liquid. Though it contains a lubricant to cool its components, none of it should be spotted around the unit’s area. Fast action is essential in such instances because the leakage could result in metal-on-metal contact, which could completely damage the components in the unit.

Ineffective Unit

The critical role played by the condenser means that the whole AC unit relies on it to provide the cooling you need. So, if you fail to receive cool air, the compressor could be faulty. However, the absence of cool air could be as a result of a couple of issues, which makes it necessary to give your technician a call.

Problems such as low Freon levels, clogged return ducts, and clogged air filters also cause HVAC units to produce hot air, so a professional opinion is required to identify the precise cause of the problem. You don’t need to live with a faulty AC compressor or for that matter, a malfunctioning AC unit. Trusted HVAC heating companies such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. are just a phone call away.