It’s getting hotter and drier in Edmonton, and until the weather gets a little wetter, various municipalities in the area are asking residents to conserve water. In some counties where the supply is not too depleted yet, the conservation measures are voluntary, but in others, mandatory restrictions were issued. For instance, Stony Plain and the City of Leduc, whose reservoirs have dipped lower than the ideal range of 75-80%, requested that residents cut their non-essential water use and reduce other water consumption at home.

There are several creative ways to follow the guidelines set by your municipalities. You can do the laundry or the dishes only when the washer is full. You can also avoid hosing down your car or your driveways in favor of wiping them with clothes and sweepers. If you need to use a lot of water for cleaning, try reusing grey water for other purposes like watering your lawn or flushing toilets.

Apart from these strategies, you should also mind your plumbing. Any inefficiency in your plumbing system like leaks notoriously wastes countless liters of water every day, which can sneakily increase the consumption of your mains water supply and in turn, your utility bills. Get the assistance of plumbers to avoid those possibilities. Here are some ways that these professionals can help:


Plumbing technicians are trained and experienced in inspections to detect leaks and other problems. Even if you think that your pipes, fittings, and fixtures are in tiptop shape or that the problem is minor, it is still advisable to seek the help of the experts, especially if you have an old home or if you haven’t had a plumbing inspection in the last couple of years. You never know when there’s a leak you’re not aware of, or if the seemingly harmless drip is actually racking up hundreds of dollars every year.

Fixing Leaks

The plumber can also expertly reseal your pipes and fixtures, and replace any part of the system, as needed. Likewise, drain clearing and other maintenance work can be accomplished to get rid of costly problems like clogs and sewage backups.

Proactive Replacement of Fixtures

If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen makeover, or perhaps an overhaul of your old home’s plumbing system, established plumbers like the Capital Plumbing & Heating pros can replace your existing plumbing parts with newer, more water-efficient fixtures. Modern, well-designed amenities like low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators can certainly be instrumental in saving more water at home.