The internet is full of myths that can lead you into believing the wrong things; the most common myths in the world are that goldfish only have a 3-second memory, bulls hate the colour red, and dogs can only see in black-and-white.

Unfortunately, your plumbing system is also prey to similar myths. To help you stay informed and maintain your plumbing system well, here are the top plumbing myths we come across all the time.

Myth #1. Baby Wipes are Flushable

Even if the baby wipes brand claims to be flushable, they are not. Flushing a couple of baby wipes may be safe, but flushing many baby wipes can lead to stubborn clogs in your drain that can be difficult to unclog on your home, which can lead to severe home plumbing system problems. So, do not flush baby wipes.

Myth #2. Lemon Peels are Perfect for Cleaning Garbage Disposals

Lemon peels contain a lot of citric acids, making them quite bad for your garbage disposals. Sure, your garbage disposal may look and smell clean after a lemon peel wash, but over time, the same can lead to corrosion and damage your garbage disposal.

Myth #3. Toilets Flush the Other Way in Australia

Here’s a fun one. This myth stems from the concept of the Coriolis Effect, which makes the cyclones rotate in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere. However, the same effect does not affect the direction of the flush. The direction of the toilet’s flush is determined by the jets, anyway.

Myth #4. A Brick in Toilet Tank Will Save Money and Water

While the intention is good behind the myth, the reality is quite different. There are two reasons why placing a brick in your toilet tank is a bad idea. One, brick can disintegrate over time and damage the inner workings of the toilet system. Two, bricks limit your toilet’s flushing power, which may make you flush even more.

Myth #5. Chemical Drain Cleaners are Safe

No, chemical drain cleaners are quite unsafe for you for three reasons. One, they contain toxic chemicals, whose fumes may cause irritation or reactions on your body. Two, they contain harsh chemicals that eat away the insides of your pipes, especially if they are made of PVC. Third, they are bad for the environment.

Myth #6. A Leaky Faucet is Not a Big Deal

A leaking faucet is one home plumbing system problem that must not be overlooked. Sure, it may not affect your day-to-day chores, but even a slow dripping leak can cause gallons of water to be wasted in a day. This is not only bad for the environment, but it can also hike your water bills tremendously.

These myths claim to be good for your home plumbing system, but they can be harmful. It is best to verify any new information you learn about maintaining your home plumbing system before using it, so you don’t end up damaging the system unintentionally.

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