If you live in a cold environment, then having a heating system is recommended for comfort and warmth. When you plan to install a heating system, you get two options: A furnace and a heat pump. Both the options have one aim, but their functions are starkly different. The furnace runs on fuel while the heat pumps on the outside air. This page will help you decide which one is right for you.


A furnace generates heat by burning natural oil and gas, which then flows into your house. The latest versions do run on electricity and are highly efficient. It consists of four main components: 

  • Burner
  • Heat exchanger 
  • Blower
  • A flue that acts as an exhauster 

It is the ultimate for those who have natural gas lines. In addition, the furnaces with humidification eliminate the contaminants from the air. This enhances the quality of air and minimizes the issues of humidity. The furnaces last for 15 years, which means it is durable and wallet-friendly. Furthermore, furnaces are comparatively safer than other heating systems. It has the least amount of fires compared to chimneys and space heaters. Plus, it has safety switches using which you can prevent the breakdown of toxic fumes, like carbon monoxide in your house. 

Heat Pump

A heat pump is an excellent air transporter. A heat pump uses the outside air and generates heat during winter as well as generates cold during summer. During summertime, it removes the warm air from your house and cools down your house. It is a complete package as it acts as a heater and air conditioner. It is highly energy-efficient and flexible, which means it can figure out the temperature and converse accordingly. It is the ultimate choice for those whose houses rely on electricity since heat pumps are dependent on electricity. Its high energy efficiency ratings minimize the cost of annual fuel bills. In addition to that: it has better safety features, is highly durable, demands less maintenance, reduces carbon emission. 

Cost of Furnace and Heat Pump

Installation Cost of Furnace:

  • Natural gas furnace: $5,500
  • Propane gas furnace: $3,750
  • Electric furnace gas: $3000

Installation cost of Heat Pump

  • Geothermal: $10,000 to $30,000
  • Ductless Mini-split: $500 to $1,500 
  • Gas fired heat pump: $1,300 to $2,000 

Having a heating system at home is highly convenient as it keeps your house warm. They also keep your air quality clean, which is beneficial for your health. You can choose either furnace or heat pump as per your requirement. In case you are looking for installation, connect with Capital Plumbing.