A furnace is the central heating system used to heat the household space. One of the essential ways to prepare for the winter months is undertaking a thorough check of your furnace for signs of wear and tear. Every appliance is subject to depreciation, but you need to identify if your furnace system requires repair or replacement. Here are some factors to consider if your old furnace problems need to be repaired or replaced.

Furnace System Age

One of the most critical factors in considering the above is the age of the furnace system. The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years; after that, the system will slow down. If you have a furnace that is 10 years old or less, consider taking annual repairs to ensure it is sufficient enough for the winter season. On the contrary, if your phone system has reached 12 years or more, you should consider replacing the system as its functions continue to slow down hereafter. Apart from this, if your system is less than 10 years but is continually facing issues, it is recommended to get in touch with an expert to identify the issue’s adversity and if it requires repair or replacement.

Energy Bills

Suppose you notice a sudden increase in the energy bills without increasing the usage of the furnace system. In that case, it indicates that the efficiency of the system is reducing. One common reason for the increase in energy bills is that the furnace system works twice as hard as usual to disperse heat. If you face this issue, it is recommended to call for an HVAC professional, for they will be in a better position to identify the depth of the trouble faced and suggest if it requires repair or replacement.

Constant Repairs

Even after the repair is conducted, if your furnace system faces trouble often, it is probably time to get it replaced. Unnecessary costs spent time and again on repair will only make it feasible to spend the same amount on the system replacement. If your repair costs are more than one-fourth of the cost of a new heating system, it is best to find a new system suitable for your requirement instead of wasting money rectifying old furnace problems.

Strange Noises

Almost every furnace system makes noise when it is switched on or off. However, if you notice unexpected noises that increase louder, it could indicate that it’s time for a new system. If you hear a rattling, popping, screeching or humming noise, pay attention to where the noises are coming from so that you can easily explain it to a professional. Such noises are not only annoying but also affect the efficiency of the furnace system. It is best to get them checked, repaired or replaced at the earliest.

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