There are some plumbing issues that laypeople can solve on their own as long as they have the right tools. Fortunately, finding basic plumbing tools in Edmonton, Alberta is easy. Residents can easily unclog a blocked drain with a plunger or auger on hand. Home improvement expert Bob Villa offers a few reminders when using these tools:

“When to Use a Plunger 
Some clogs call for a plunger. The key here is to create a vacuum. If you’re working on the kitchen sink, you need to clamp off the dishwasher hose and seal the drain openings in the other sink basins. If it’s the bathroom sink or tub, plug the overflow opening with a wet rag. With at least a couple inches of water in the basin, plunge rapidly several times, pulling up sharply at the end to move the clog.

When to Try Alternate Tools 
If plunging doesn’t clear the clog, use an auger. If your drain opening is obstructed, sometimes a coat hanger wire with a small hooked end will bring up the clog. You can also detach the trap under the sink with a plumber’s wrench in order to get at the clog or to rescue anything you’ve lost down the drain.”

Laypeople’s dedication and efforts to unclog their drain can only go so far, however. At times, they should accept their limitations and let experienced plumbing companies in Edmonton handle the task. Here are three drain problems that require professional plumbing services:

Frequent Clogs

Regular DIY drain cleaning might prevent blockages, but all too often it won’t be enough. If homeowners used DIY methods to clear their clogged drain only for the problem to resurface a few days later, then the drain will need to be inspected by experienced Edmonton drain cleaning experts.

Multiple Clogs

The kitchen sink drain is probably the most prone to congestion, especially when people don’t know that pouring used cooking oil down the sink can cause a stoppage. However, when multiple drains are clogged, the culprit may be a clog in the main drain system rather than the drain of each fixture.

Unpleasant Smell

Plumbing fixtures emitting a not-so-pleasant odor from time to time is normal. A pungent smell, however, is a serious matter. A dead rodent or spoilt food particles may have been trapped in the drain and will thus need to be cleared out.

Some drainage problems are so minor that homeowners can easily take them on. In the face of major problems, however, DIY methods won’t be enough. What homeowners will need are expert plumbing services from reliable contractors like the ones from Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.