There is no doubt that Canada is one of the pioneering countries when it comes to adopting green products. Given the overload of greenhouse gases, dwindling resources, and the global warming trend, homeowners can pitch in—do their part—to lessen effluents that escape into our air and water. More people in general are paying more attention to the ingredients of what they buy off the shelves, including household cleansers and chemicals.

Edmonton residents, in particular, demonstrate an immense interest in green products to clean and disinfect their households. One product gaining noticeable scrutiny among residents is drained cleaners for the plumbing systems in Edmonton households. The ones toughest on clogs are also the toughest on your plumbing system and the environment. As a result, many homeowners reach for eco-friendly drain cleaners off the shelf.

Clean Drains Are Important for All

Drains tend to clog from materials and foods commonly used or produced in a household. Take the typical household kitchen, for example. How many times have you found yourself improperly disposing of insoluble grease and fat in your sink when washing dirty dishes?

Because the city government invokes restrictions on what a commercial or institutional kitchen in Edmonton can dispose of and how it can dispose of it, clogged drains are not much of a problem in the city. It helps that heavy fines are levied against any food facility found guilty of improperly disposing of their kitchen waste.

However, there is no such rule with household kitchens, even though the potential effects can be as devastating. Cooking by-products—i.e., food scraps, lard, cooking oil, sauces, meat fats, and more—can potentially damage your drainage system and cause water to back up or overflow.

The worst thing that can happen is to have your sewage and wastewater flood your home simply because you didn’t use a grease trap or clean your drains.

How Eco Drain Cleaners Work

Eco-drain cleaners are packed with natural bacteria and enzymes that feed on the organic waste material residing in your drains. These naturally sourced products are generally regarded as safer on your drains and the community’s water systems. Unfortunately, homeowners are often not aware of the products because they are not stocked as readily in stores as one might wish.

Fortunately, however, professional plumbers available for hire know which products are green and many base their plumbing services on eco-friendly cleaners and de-cloggers. If you are currently experiencing clogged drains and need emergency drain cleaning, you can ask local plumbers if they use eco drain cleaners to do accomplish the task.

The best preventive measure to any environmental or system damage that an Edmonton resident can adopt is to simply hire a skilled, conscientious plumber to conduct regular or annual maintenance on the pipes and plumbing system in general. After all, the massive damage that a clogged drain can impart is by far more expensive to fix than paying for general plumbing maintenance.