The heat in Edmonton is passing in, and everyone better prepares themselves. The average temperature in Canada is expected to increase by another two degrees by the year 2020, and another four degrees by 2050, according to the Climate Change Adaptation Project report that was released by the University of Waterloo. Over 80 experts in the field of climate change studies also concur.

This change, according to the report, will happen, so we have to take measures now to be able to deal with it. The effects of climate change through unusual weather patterns have already started to take their toll on many countries: heatwaves in Slovenia and Australia, snow in Vietnam, and the wettest winter in Britain in the last 250 years.

In any case, the one immediate action you can do to stay comfortable with the heat coming on is to ensure that the cooling systems in your home and office are in good shape. Have your local Edmonton air conditioning system technician assess the capability of your units to see whether they can handle the extreme heat during the summer season.

Soaring heat, however, is only one part of the problem. As the effects of climate change begin to manifest, frequent unusual weather patterns across the globe should be expected. The extreme winter cold in Ontario and Quebec last February is the tip of the iceberg. There will be even more blistering summers, and biting winters as the new realities to face in the coming years.

“This (Climate Change Adaptation) project is an opportunity for Canada to be a leader in implementing effective climate change adaptation solutions (to) lessen the impact today […..] and build strong, resilient, and sustainable communities for years to come,” said Charles Brindamour, CEO of Intact Financial Corporation, the company that funds the Climate Change Adaptation Project.

It will take years before the effects of this project will be felt. Climate change took decades to develop, and it would also take decades to gauge how effective some, if not all, of the solutions, have been. Until then, Canadians, as should every country in the world, must do their own to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

However, you still need to stay and keep comfortable: stay hydrated, wear loose shirts, and contact your local Edmonton Air Conditioning system installers like Capital Plumbing and Heating to have your current air conditioning units checked for optimal functioning—or replaced with more energy-efficient Energy Star-rated AC systems.