There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up on the first hot day of summer, all covered in sweat, only to find that your Edmonton home’s air conditioning isn’t working. Summer might still be months away from now, yet today is the perfect opportunity for you to inspect your air conditioners, particularly after months of being dormant during the winter season.

While it’s inactive or covered away for winter, your air conditioner might have been collecting dust and other debris that can affect its overall energy efficiency. With the help of Edmonton air conditioning experts, you can keep your unit running while simultaneously saving on your energy bills this summer. Here are some helpful tips:

Keeping the Filters Clean

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters before storing them for winter isn’t guaranteed enough that it will remain clean. Clearing filters from dust and debris, or replacing them altogether is usually the best thing to start with, since your air conditioning unit can run better and use less power once it has been properly cleaned. A dirty filter can only cause dirt and dust to circulate within your home. While you’re at it, you can try looking for leaks in the ductwork to ensure better efficiency for your unit.

Fans, Drapes, and Curtains

It’s generally advised to set the thermostat to 26 degrees Celsius, but it is a temperature some might think is not enough to efficiently cool a room. To better feel the AC’s cooling effect, invest in things that can help keep the cold air in a room, such as thick drapes or insulating window glass, or to circulate the inside air better like with the use of ceiling or wall fans. Though it might not seem like it, drapes and curtains can actually keep the cool air in, thus helping your AC unit use less power. It also works to always keep windows and doors completely shut while the AC is turned on.

Time to Replace?

If you bought your air conditioning unit a decade ago, you might want to consider replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient one. Remember to look for Energy Star-approved air conditioners in Edmonton, which can save you about 30 percent on your bills. Also, check for a unit’s Energy Efficiency Rating or EER; the higher the rating is, the more you can be assured that the unit is energy-efficient.

You don’t even have to break a sweat to install a new unit all by yourself, when you can call on Edmonton air conditioner installation services, offered by leading companies like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd., which can likewise help with most, if not all, of your air conditioning needs.