The most common problem with aging Edmonton heating systems is a pilot light that keeps going out. The pilot light is the burning flame you notice on your furnace when it’s on and it is the one that ignites the burner. This is a problem that is very common in both commercial and residential settings.

There are different reasons a pilot light would keep turning off. Understanding the common problems linked to that is helpful. Here are three possible reasons.

Malfunctioning Thermocouple

When a heating system fails to work, the thermocouple is often the culprit. It is a device that generates an electric current to detect if the pilot light is on. With a faulty thermocouple in a heating system, major problems can occur in the unit. If anything goes wrong with your thermocouple, the pilot light has to go out.

If there are no signs of dirt or bending, the chances are that the thermocouple is broken. A technician may work around it and if the examination shows that it is beyond repair, replacement is the only option.

Curved Thermocouple

A heater’s thermocouple is central to its operation. If it detects an unlit pilot light, it turns the gas off. This is done as a safety precaution. When your thermocouple is dirty, it receives an obstructed current and that leads to a gas outage. Besides grime, the thermocouple may get bent to a non-functional point. When it bends too far from the pilot, it fails to register heat.

Dirty Pilot Tube and Flex Tube Problems

The other culprit is the pilot tube. When it gets dirty, the flow of gas is blocked. The flex tubing is the other problematic part of the heating system. It is connected to the gas controller and is responsible for a steady flow of gas.

If it gets kinked, it fails to operate properly. Rarely will this problem be caused by a faulty control valve. Control valves normally do not go out. Before considering it as the problem in your pilot light failure, call in a plumber to ascertain the main cause. They may have your pilot light repaired or replaced, depending on the depth of the damage.

For these and other problems with your heating system, be sure to let Stony Plain heating professionals—such as those from Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd—handle it.