Lying underneath most structures, a toilet’s drainage system is one of the most neglected parts of a building. Because of this, bad toilet practices may result in clogged plumbing pipes with little warning. With some tips from Edmonton plumbers, you can reduce the risk of foul blockages.

Stick to Toilet Paper Only

Baby wipes, makeup pads, and cotton wool all seem fairly innocuous. While they don’t cause harm to your skin, they’re not made with materials that degrade after flushing. If you’re a regular user of any of these, throw them in the bin instead.

Diapers and Female Hygiene Products

Disposable diapers, sanitary pads, and tampons are made with plastic that expands when it comes in contact with water. With this in mind, it stands to reason that diapers and female sanitary aids don’t belong in your drain pipes either. They are a common source of blockages, which might cause blockage issues that are hard to fix even for expert plumbers.


While plumbers don’t usually respond to calls relating to flushed meds, sticking yours in the toilet basin may contribute to local water pollution. They can contaminate groundwater supplies and affect the surrounding wildlife.

Toys, Toilet Rolls, and Make-Up

Unfortunately, children love to watch seemingly harmless items slowly getting sucked into the toilet bowl. If you’ve found a soggy roll of toilet paper lingering at the bottom of yours, it might be ideal to discuss the importance of not throwing anything other than tissue down the toilet.

Signs Your Toilet Is Blocked

Have you noticed that your toilet begins to flush with water when you pull the chain? Or is it taking longer to drain? In either case, the blockage in nearby pipes isn’t letting water flow through as quickly as it should. If the water begins to flood, you may be looking at a total blockage.

Another ominous sign is toilet water making its way back through the sink, bath, or shower when you flush the chain. Such signs are hazardous, as toilet water isn’t hygienic. When this starts to happen, you may want to consider hiring expert plumbers serving Edmonton, Spruce Grove, and the nearby areas, such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Fix the Problem

As the cold weather starts to kick in, such issues may reduce drain pipe flow even further. Finding Spruce Grove plumbers who can address the issue as soon as signs appear can help property owners avoid blockages and other issues, and reduces the risk of costly damage.