Plumbers can usually tell what is wrong with your drain just by listening to it. Gurgling noises usually indicate a problem deep down the drain. Any homeowner in Edmonton should not just ignore these sounds, or these could lead to a full-blown disaster. Do you hear any noises from your fixtures that go “glug, glug, glug” lately? Here are some of the most common causes of that awful noise coming from inside your drain.

Your Drain is Clogged

The most likely cause of that gurgling sound (especially when accompanied by slow plumbing) is a clog in your drain. What causes the sound is the tiny air pockets that release air up into the drain and onto the water running over it. You should not treat this like a small problem; the gurgling sound usually indicates a threatening backflow if the clog is not removed immediately.

You should not use chemical drain de-cloggers, either, as they can damage the pipes and leave toxic fumes. Call immediately for a skilled Edmonton plumber instead.

You Have Faulty Fixtures

Sometimes, the problem lies in the fixtures themselves. For instance, it could be a problem with your sink’s vent connection, vacuum breakers, positioning of fixtures, or vent diameter. Whatever the reason, you should always leave the job to your plumber. Tinkering with the connections and fixtures, especially if you don’t have sufficient knowledge or experience, can only end badly for you.

Plumbers from companies like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. usually start by finding the source of the gurgling sound. From there, they can diagnose the problem and recommend an effective solution so it never happens again.

Your Septic System is Blocked

The drain itself might not be the cause of the problem, but rather the septic system leading into your home. Partial blockage can cause gurgling noises, especially during times of heavy water usage in the house. Sometimes, these sounds may be accompanied by foul sewage smells.

The increased water usage may even cause the blockage to worsen and eventually lead to a messy backup situation. This is definitely a very tricky situation that homeowners should not attempt to fix themselves. Only an experienced plumber can help you make sense of the problem and solve the issue to prevent further complications