Drainage maintenance is essential if you don’t want dirty water spreading out of your plumbing. Professional Edmonton plumbing companies like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. can help ensure that your house’s drainage systems are in tip-top shape. There are several situations when you need to call them in to resolve problems with your drains. Here are some of them and their possible causes.

Smelly Drains

It may seem like overkill to call in Edmonton plumbing companies for bad odors, but they can be a sign of a bigger problem. If you start smelling unpleasant scents around your sink, shower, and toilets, they may stem from a vent problem. Your venting systems are how sewer gas is released from your drains and away from your house.

They also prevent the creation of a vacuum in your pipes; a vacuum can cause slow drainage and increase the incidence of clogs. Smelling these odors can indicate that your vent has broken, releasing sewer gas into your house. Professional plumbers will check your vents to see the extent of damage and repair it as quickly as possible. 

Slow Drains 

Another frequent problem is the slow drainage. This is actually a good warning sign that a partial drain has developed in one of your pipes or that pipes have broken. If the slow drain is only noticed in one or two pipes, then the problem is somewhere near those two. This can be easily resolved by using recommended environmentally safe drain cleaners to clean out the blockage.

The problem is when your entire house is suffering from slow drainage. This can mean that your sewer line is the one compromised. If this is what has happened, your plumber will probably have to replace or reline your sewer line. This can cost you thousands of dollars.

Contact Professionals Immediately

Slow drains are just a symptom of the clog. If left alone, partial clogs become full clogs, stopping your drains from working at all. This is why it’s necessary to have regular drain cleaning services to ensure that your drains are working properly. Contact professionals to ensure that your pipes are clean and clog-free for the foreseeable future.