At this time of year, colder temperatures mean that homeowners and businesses alike depend on reliable heating. For domestic properties or workplaces with central heating system performance, regular maintenance including an annual service helps to prepare for the coming winter cold.

Problems in your central heating system

If your property is fitted with a central heating boiler and pipework to the radiators, you will almost certainly be well aware of the importance of regular maintenance to keep the system in working order. Nonetheless, despite annual services, central heating systems can still accumulate debris or unseen sludge over time.

Some of the common symptoms include a noisy boiler, cool or cold radiators, and increased energy bills due to the system becoming less efficient.

These problems are usually caused by invisible deposits lurking inside the heating system plumbing. If left untreated for a long, this could lead to blockages of the internal working parts including the central pump.

Power flushing reduces central heating bills

The good news is that a power flushing procedure can rectify this in just a few hours. A special plumbing cleaning fluid is pumped at high pressure through the pipes and heating circuit components. The flow is alternated and reversed several times to dislodge and clean inside the system.

Additionally, the water-based cleaning liquid contains special additives that inhibit corrosion and provide invisible protection to reduce the recurrence of corrosion and sludge. Power flush cleaning improves circulation around the pipes and radiators.

Heat transfer and operating efficiency are boosted, while energy wastage and operating costs are reduced. Additionally, the service life of the system is likely to be extended. Depending on the size of the heating system, power flush cleaning can take up to six hours. The installation can then be returned to normal operation within a few minutes.

An Edmonton Plumbing experts team should also ensure that the process is mess-free; this important maintenance procedure will have then restored the operation of the system to its maximum possible efficiency. Throughout the Greater Edmonton area, Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. provides residential, business, and commercial customers with a comprehensive and efficient local plumbing service – including power flushing.