Do you see water pooling under your water heater? This is the most common telltale sign that you have a leak somewhere in your tank. If your water bills haven’t spiked yet, consider that good news, because you likely caught the leak at its early stages. Of course, pooling could also be the result of condensation, so you need to confirm that this isn’t the case.

The first step is to check whether the pool of water is caused by dripping, flooding, or spraying water around your tank. Your Edmonton water heater professionals share with you the following guidelines on what to do in such cases.

Spraying or flooding water

If you see water spraying from the pipes that go into the tank, turn off the controlling valve immediately. In most cases, the shut-off valve will be somewhere nearby. If it isn’t that obvious, track the pipe until you locate the valve. If water is spraying from the heater, turn off the valve above it. If the tank doesn’t have a valve, you may need to shut off your home’s main supply valve. Call a professional plumber to have the leak inspected.

Dripping water

If your water heater is old, it’s possible that it has started to corrode. Water heaters generally have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, so if yours is somewhere in this time frame, contact an Edmonton water heater specialist and have your equipment evaluated to see how much useful life it has left. If the plumber advises that the heater must be replaced, do so before the leaking gets worse.

Even if the heater is in good shape, it makes sense to replace it if it has become grossly inefficient. The energy savings alone can be worth it, and the heater can pay for itself in just a few short years. If you have a stern focus on eco-friendliness, a newer heater can help you consume less energy, not to mention release fewer pollutants in the air.

Hot water tanks in Edmonton

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