Along with heating and lighting, water heating is perhaps one of the biggest energy users in an average Canadian household, and it’s up to you to ensure that your hot water tanks are energy-efficient. Though you may think that only tankless water heaters can do an effective job in being energy-efficient, hot water tanks can still help greatly in reducing your energy bills when used the right way.

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Instead of considering building your own expensive solar water heater or switching to other types of systems, you can try sticking to hot water tanks, having them installed professionally, and keeping these energy-saving ideas in mind.

Preferred Temperature Settings

Make sure that the tank’s temperature will not exceed 60 degrees Celsius nor be lower than 55 degrees whenever you use them. Higher temperatures tend to increase the danger of scalding on your hot water tanks, which would waste more energy; on the other hand, lower temperatures give room for bacteria to grow and fester in your tank. Reduce these risks and always set the tank between these preferred temperatures.

Try an Insulating Blanket

To make the most out of your hot water tank’s water heating capabilities, try insulating it by installing an insulating blanket around it. Insulating your hot water tank allows the water inside it to stay warm longer even after the tank has been turned off, thus saving a lot on heating expenses.

Watch Out for Mineral Content

Always make sure that your hot water tank isn’t collecting minerals that can affect the water quality and the tank itself. The tank’s performance would be heavily affected once there are sediments collecting within, or if the heating elements have been calcified.

Turn it Down Often

Take the moment to turn down your hot water tank whenever you’re heading out for a vacation. Turn the dial down 12 to 24 hours before your trip; this would give you enough hot water for one last shower before you leave. Likewise, turn down your hot water tank if you find that the water running from the tap is too hot.

Finally, don’t forget to have your tank and the associated components regularly checked and maintained by plumbing professionals in Edmonton who work on water heater systems, like those from Capital Plumbing & Heating, Ltd. in Edmonton. This step would ensure that your hot water tank will remain energy-efficient for a long time.