Feel the summer heat? CTV News Edmonton reported that a slew of hot days was experienced by the city recently. A spike in electricity use from air conditioner because of the summer heat is thus only natural. In Edmonton, daily average temperatures are projected to historically peak in July, and summer will last until September.

In most cases, it simply can’t be helped; air conditioners bring comfort to the home by cooling it down, after all. Also, ACs help maintain indoor air quality as the air is continuously circulated and filtered.

Efficiency Reduces Expenses

The outdoor heat doesn’t mean you can’t cut down on your electricity bills throughout the summer, though. As the temperatures peak, you’ll want to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

To make sure that your electricity bills are really going to the comfort of your home, you must ensure that your air conditioning system is running at top efficiency. If you have an old unit, then it might be a good time to replace it. If it’s relatively new, all it needs is a good check-up and maintenance.

Some things you can do by yourself, such as cleaning the area surrounding the unit’s components and cleaning or replacing the filter. On the other hand, most maintenance tasks should be left in the hands of qualified technicians from specialist companies like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. of Edmonton. If your unit is running at optimum efficiency, you waste less energy and money.

Additional Tips

You can take your savings a step further by taking some simple steps. Paying attention to your thermostat is one of them; set it as high as is comfortable for you. Remember that the less the difference between the ambient temperature and the thermostat setting, the easier your air conditioner works.

In relation to that, you can set it at a warmer temperature at night; you don’t need as much cooling, so set the temperature by a few degrees higher an hour or two before bedtime.

Turn lights off when not needed, as they give off heat that makes the cooling unit work harder. Rearrange furniture to remove any obstruction to the vents. Also, place appliances that give off heat, like TV sets, away from the thermostat.