One of the worst drain problems people face is root intrusion in their sewer lines, and it is one of the major causes of sewer backup. The worst part of it is that you won’t even know you have a root intrusion problem in your drains until it’s too late. We have often noticed that not many people even know about this issue, how it can occur, and how it can be repaired. To help you, here’s a brief guide on what exactly is root intrusion.

What is Root Intrusion?

Trees around your home are continually looking for the best source of moisture and nutrients using their roots. These roots keep growing slowly and steadily to find them. If your sewer line has even a small leak or hole, a stray root can use it to enter the drain line. Remember, your sewage has a lot of moisture and nutrients that the tree needs.

Once the root is inside the pipeline, it starts growing rapidly. These roots will soon start forming clogs as the toilet tissue, grease, and other debris start getting stuck in the roots. Sometimes, the roots can grow so much that they can fracture the pipes, mostly if they are made of clay or PVC. 

How to Spot Root Intrusion?

Spotting root intrusion is a bit difficult, but there are always signs and symptoms that you can look out for. The most common sign of a root intrusion is if you have slow drainage that does not get solved after using DIY drain cleaning remedies. Another symptom of root intrusion in your drainage line is if you hear a gurgling sound from your drains. Lastly, if you notice that everything is fine, but compacted soil or a damp spot on your landscape over the drain lines might be a leak caused by root intrusion.

How to Prevent Root Intrusion?

Unfortunately, if you have trees near your house, it is quite challenging to prevent root intrusions. All you can do is ensure your lawn is well maintained, grow the right kind of plants, and if you want to grow trees, it is best to grow them away from the drain lines. We also suggest you have us check your drain line and sewer system at least once a year to figure out any impending problems that may lead to root intrusion in the future.

Do You Have a Root Intrusion Problem?

Despite being serious, root intrusion is quite a common problem. If you suspect root intrusion in your drain lines, or if it’s been long since you have had your drain lines checked, you should contact Capital Plumbing. We use high-tech equipment, including a drain camera, to inspect the sewer lines. If there is any problem or root intrusion in your drains, our expert plumbers will suggest appropriate solutions that suit your needs and budget.