Moving to a new home can be so much fun, but there are also some practical things to sort out, such as knowing who your local plumber is. Below, you will find two hot tips for making the most of your new Edmonton house or apartment.


Water Safety: Run the Taps

Now usually, water experts would advise not running taps needlessly for long periods of time. This is because leaving taps running is a waste of water and bad both for the planet and for your wallet when it comes to paying the water bills. When you first move into a new property, however, it may well have been vacant for some time.

As a result, bacteria may have built up in the water taps, making the water unsafe to drink. Solve this issue by running all taps for around 20 minutes (monitoring them carefully to avoid flooding), clean them with disinfectant, and run them briefly again: this will flush out any bacteria.

Key types of bacteria that can lurk in water taps can also be accompanied by cryptosporidium – a parasite that can cause gastrointestinal illness. When running your taps, you can always save the water to water your houseplants or your garden.

Get an Energy Efficient Water Heater in Edmonton

A top-quality water tank is a must, especially when it comes to those cold Edmonton winters. A water heater that is not very energy-efficient, however, will really hit your bank balance hard! Solve this problem by having an energy efficiency rating check conducted for your hot water tank before you move in.

If the heater is very inefficient, you can always persuade your landlord to change it for you: a local plumber will be able to advise you on the best tanks and heaters to choose for your home. There are also ways to make hot water tanks even more efficient than it already is and this includes getting it well serviced and maintained by an expert Edmonton plumbing company such as Capital Plumbing & Heating.


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