The plumbing system plays two crucial roles in your home, which is to distribute water supply and dispose of wastewater. As it is a complex system consisting of interconnected pipes, fittings, and fixtures, it requires to be taken care of regularly, where regular inspection and maintenance come into the picture. Unfortunately, some homeowners aren’t wary of how they’re using their plumbing parts or components daily that they tend to use and abuse them to the point that they quickly and easily get wear and tear.

Here are five common mistakes you must avoid to protect your plumbing system:

1) Failing to Turn Off the Water

There are two instances you need to turn off the water—when you don’t use it and when you need to perform some plumbing work. It should be a habit of every household member to close the faucet after using water securely. If you need to do some water-related projects, shutting off the water main or at the water at the local shutoff valve is a must. Ultimately, doing so will prevent water damage or flood as you work on your pipes.

2) Using Chemical Drain Cleaner

In the plumbing world, chemical drain cleaners are a big no-no! Sure, it works wonders by draining any clogs and sending wastewater into the sewer systems. However, these chemicals have an impact on galvanized plumbing and lead to corrosion. The chances are that your pipes can quickly and easily become corroded and leaky over time. For a better and safer alternative, you can use an auger or snake and natural products (such as baking soda, vinegar, or warm water solution) to address clogged drains.

3) Connecting Galvanized and Copper Pipes

Did you know that galvanized and copper pipes do not sit well with each other? If you let them touch one another, corrosion will likely result from it. The last thing you will want to happen is to have corroded plumbing components. When repairing or replacing damaged parts, be sure that they are made of the same materials. If not, use a special piece called a dielectric union to prevent the copper and galvanized pipes from touching.

If you are unsure of how to perform this sensitive task, you can always depend on the experts at Capital Plumbing and Heating to take care of it for you!

4) Failing to Secure a Proper Permit for Plumbing Work

If you’re going to pursue any plumbing tasks, you must first know whether or not you need to secure a permit. As your system is connected to the public lines, projects need to be secured and protected so that no issue will affect everyone else. If you don’t get a proper permit, it can even decrease your property’s overall value. The last thing you will want to happen is to get some penalties or pay some hefty fines for the violation!

5) Resorting to Diy Work Without Proper Knowledge and Skills

Pursuing DIY plumbing work is possible, at least if you have the knowledge and skills to do so. If not, you may cause even more significant damages to your plumbing systems. For this reason, it’s best to leave any extensive work to the experts as they have the experience and expertise to do so effectively and efficiently.


At this point, you are now mindful of the costly mistakes to avoid as far as plumbing issues are concerned. To that end, be sure to turn off the water after use, avoid using chemical drain cleaners, prevent galvanized and copper pipes from touching each other, secure a proper permit for any work, and leave the plumbing jobs to the experts. With all these in mind, you’ll ensure your plumbing system to be always in top shape and working condition!

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