Did you know that leaving a window open can cost you hundreds of dollars in energy bills during the winter season? This is just one of the mistakes that can cost you money while using your home heating system. Here are some more heating mistakes that you need to avoid if you don’t want to waste your money.

1) Not Decreasing the Temperature in Your Home While You Are Away

Although leaving your thermostat set to a constant temperature throughout the day will keep your home at a comfortable temperature it can also be a big waste of energy and money, especially if you are not home. It is recommended that you invest in a modern thermostat as they provide scheduling for your furnace. By having a home heating schedule you can ensure that your home is warm and comfortable when you are home and maintains a lower temperature when you are away. This will help to save you on your heating bill.

2) Cranking Up the Thermostat

Many people think that cranking up the thermostat will heat up the home faster, but all it does is overwork the heater. This can significantly spike up your utility bills and cost you a lot of money in the long run. Instead, it is best to set the thermostat to the usual temperature and let the heater do its work at a steady pace.

3) Not Changing Air Filters on Time

Cleaning or changing the air filter on your heater is one of the essential maintenance tasks that need to be done at least once a year. A clogged or dirty filter can make it difficult for your furnace to run efficiently and cause polluted air in your home. Over time, this can damage other components of the heater too. So, always clean and replace your furnace’s air filter before the onset of winter.

4) Leaving the Doors, Vents, and Windows Open

Leaving your doors, vents, or windows open while running your heater can cost you a lot of money. How? The open windows and doors let the warm air from your home escape, which in turn makes your heater run more to compensate for the loss of warm air. This can spike up your energy bills. So, ensure that all the vents, doors, and windows are correctly shut when running your furnace.

5) Using the Fireplace

If you are using the heating system to warm up your home, you should refrain from using the fireplace. When you use the fireplace, the chimney evacuates the smoke and the warm air from your home. You will feel warm when you’re sitting close to the fireplace, but your family members in other rooms will start feeling chilly. This works similar to leaving a window open—your heater runs more to compensate for the loss of warm air, which raises your energy bills.

It’s simple things like this that can save you hundreds of dollars during winters. All you need to do is be smart with heating your home, and your energy bills will be relatively low and steady. Contact Capital Plumbing & Heating to know more about maintaining and running your home heating system smoothly.