A water heater performs the essential function of providing a heated water supply to the taps on demand. Without a water heating system, you would be required to heat water manually when bathing, washing hands and more. Since most things are now digital, people undertake the water heater’s installation on their own by taking references from youtube videos. However, some work should be left to be done by a professional installer only; here’s why.

1) Experience is Important

When you purchase a new water heater, they are likely to provide you with an installation manual. Still, if you want something to be done correctly and quickly, it is advisable to resort to a water heater expert who has installed several systems. Capital Plumbing and Heating consist of installation professionals that know how to install your water heating system efficiently.

2) Safety Should be Priority

Installation of water heaters means you are dealing with a fair amount of wires and vents. If you wrongly connect the wires or leave specific vents open, this can lead to electric shocks or gas leaks in your home. Leakage of carbon monoxide not only has adverse effects on your health but can also be fatal. Proper fitting of these vents by an expert ensures no leakages and blockages, and that your system is safe to function.

3) Proper Sizing is Vital

A water heater expert understands and has the experience of considering every aspect of the installation process. They very well know how to size the water heater. Proper sizing includes calculating the demands from multiple bathrooms, dishwashers, clothes washers and any other points-of-use. This cannot be done individually as only the professionals have such expertise.

4) Proper fitting of T&P Valve is Essential

The temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P) is a critical safety feature of the water heater. This valve’s function is to sense excessively high temperatures or dangerous pressure build-ups inside the water heater tank. It then automatically opens itself to relieve the pressure build-up, avoiding tank bursts and other issues. Improper installation or the choice of an inadequate valve can cause damage to the water heater or lead to hazardous pressure build-up.

5) Appropriate Drainage is a Must

The water heating system could leak or expel water due to excess pressure build-up. This can cause damage to the floor area or any other items around the house. A professional ensures that this issue is taken care of by installing a drain pan and piping it properly to a drain, giving an outlet to the spilled water. 

Other than these, if you do not install a water heater correctly and if it ends up breaking down before time, it will only burn a hole in your pocket. In Edmonton, Capital Plumbing and Heating consist of several water heater experts that provide excellent installation and maintenance services. We stand by our work and always be your fallback if any trouble or issues are faced further. Contact us today!