When was the last time you had your home’s air conditioner serviced? Was it last spring or before that? If it has been a long time, then now is the time to get it serviced before the warm months arrive. Regular maintenance of the air conditioner is beneficial for many reasons, and here are some of the top reasons why.

1) Saves You Money in the Long Run

Preventative maintenance of your home’s air conditioner can not only warn you of impending problems, but it also keeps the system running smoothly. Doing regular maintenance can reduce the chances of costly breakdowns by 95%, and extend the life of the system. Moreover, if your air conditioner is running at its peak efficiency. without any problems, then it can save you 30% on utility bills, and that is a lot of money over the years.

2) Helps the Environment

As mentioned above, a well-maintained air conditioner runs efficiently and utilizes less electricity. Thus, it leaves smaller carbon footprints on nature, making it good for the environment. Regular maintenance also helps keep the refrigerant levels in line with the code, so it does not end up using more than the required energy. Moreover, regular maintenance will also help you in identifying any faulty component and replace it with a newer, more energy efficient alternative. This will make your AC unit even more energy efficient.

3) Improves Indoor Air Quality

Regular maintenance also involves checking and cleaning the air filters and vents of the AC system. This can significantly improve the indoor air quality, and reduce the number of indoor allergens like dust, pet dander, dust mites, mould, etc. as they get filtered before entering your home. This is particularly good if you have family members with any respiratory issues.

4) Provides Comfort

On the same lines, cleaning the air filter and vents ensure that the airflow is consistent throughout the house. This avoids instances where one room is either too hot or too cold, or if HVAC fails to heat your home adequately. Maintenance improves the consistency of the airflow while also keeping your HVAC system using more energy than needed.

Conducting regular inspections and maintenance of your air conditioner saves you a lot of money, keeps you safe, and gives you peace of mind. Hence, you should see such preventative maintenance as an investment rather than an unneeded expense.

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