In order to have enough warm water to take a hot shower, or use your dishwasher or washing machine, you need a water heater. Purchasing a water heater is a crucial decision and a long-term investment. Especially when the winter powerfully sets in, the importance of an effective running water heater cannot be overstated. Although these heaters are not very expensive, making the right choice is vital to avoid incurring hefty costs. Here are 4 costly mistakes you should avoid.

1) Picking the Wrong Water Heater Capacity

Every water heater needs to be chosen depending on the requirement of every residence. If you have a small family of, say, about 3 to 4 people, you may require about 50 gallons of an electric heater or 40 gallons of a gas-powered water heater. If you have a larger family, the capacity of the water heater will be larger. If you choose a small water heater compared to what is required, it may not keep up with the household’s demands. This will require replacement of the entire system leading to hefty installation costs again. Hence, it is essential first to identify the capacity needed. Another critical factor is ensuring that the place is measured to check if the water heater properly fits in before making the purchase decision.

2) Considering Storage Tanks Over Tankless Heaters

As per the Canadian government research, tankless water heaters consume about 30% less energy than storage tanks. The prime reason behind this is tankless water heaters heat water only when required, rather than heating it all day. Although storage tanks may have a lower initial cost, they exceed the costs incurred by a tankless water heater over time. If your water heater requirements are not high, you may end up spending unnecessary money on storage tanks.

3) Overlooking the Energy Efficiency Factor

It is essential to consider the efficiency and utility rates of a water heating system before purchasing it. The fuel that the water heater consumes plays a vital role in determining the total cost incurred. Gas water heaters may be low priced, but it ends up with high cost due to energy loss. On the contrary, electric heaters are easy to install and are safer as there is no threat of gas leaks or explosions. These heaters are not very expensive, saving a fair amount of your investment in the long run.

4) Choice of the Service Provider

Installing a water heater is not a one-time thing; you need to consider the maintenance and servicing cost that you will incur in its entire life span. It is best always to consider plans that include such charges as a part of it. Also, ensure resorting to a service provider that will always be promptly available. Delaying such work affects your heater’s efficiency and lifespan, additionally burning a hole in your pocket in the long run.

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