The weather is getting hotter every day, and you need some relief from the heat. You need the air conditioner to be working throughout the season, for which you can call professionals for any air conditioning repair or services. But to keep the air conditioner running more efficiently, you can maintain the unit on your own as well. It will save you money on calling the professionals for the air conditioner’s frequent services. Here are easy ways to maintain your air conditioner on your own.

1) Clean Air Filters

Air filters are a vital part of the air conditioner unit. The function of the air filter is to stop the dust and dirt particles and provide quality air in your home. An old air filter filled with dust won’t give you the quality air. The dust particles will get trapped in the air filter that leads it not to work properly and will put a strain on the air conditioner. Cleaning air filters will only take some minutes. So clean or replace your air filter monthly. It will help to keep your air conditioner working efficiently.

2) Clean the Coils

The coil is a part of the air conditioner that helps to keep your home cool. The coil helps the refrigerant in the air conditioner to absorb heat and make your home cool. So, when the dirt and dust particles are collected, it makes the coil absorb less heat. This makes your air conditioner work harder to absorb the heat. Keeping the coil clean will prevent your air conditioner from straining and will also save you from air conditioning repairs. Be sure you clean the coils too.

3) Check the Fin

The air conditioning system has a condenser and an evaporator, and both of them have fins. Fins are made of aluminium that help to run the airflow smoothly. You need to keep a check on the fins frequently, they easily get bent and collect dirt that can stop the airflow. You need to fix the bent and clean the dirt that has clogged in the fin. You can buy fin combs from any air condition wholesaler; it will be very useful to maintain the fins.

4) Unclog the Drain

The rear drain in the unit allows the water in the air conditioner to get released. But if the rear drain is clogged, then the water can get stuck in the drain. With no way to go, the water will start dripping inside the home. Clogged drains can affect the working of air condition and increase the humidity of the house that can result in discoloring of walls and carpets.

Following these easy steps can save you from repairs and air conditioner issues. Maintaining the air conditioner can help you live a healthy and comfortable summer life. If you are in need of any air conditioning repairs and services, then you can contact us anytime. We provide 24/7 service in Edmonton.