Your shower head is the most relaxing part of your shower, the pressure, the settings and the temperature of the water are all things that help to make your shower experience relaxing and enjoyable. A hot shower in this chilly winter is a necessity, whereas a cold water shower in summer is immensely refreshing. But what if your showerhead starts giving you trouble? Here are some tips from our top local plumbers, that suggest that you may need to while showerhead replacement:

1) Water Pressure Issues

If your shower head used to work perfectly until recently, and you now are noticing that you have lost water pressure, it may be time to replace your shower head Over the years, shower heads can wear down, and this can result in water pressure fluctuations. They can fail to pump the same amount of water at the same pressure after a while, and replacement may be what is needed.

2) Too Much Sediment Build-up

Edmonton has very hard water from the main source. If you don’t have a water softener system you could have recurring problems of sediment build-up in your plumbing system, including your shower heads. You will see whitish or greyish layers forming on the screen inside the showerhead or on the inner rim of the showerhead. Although this build can be cleaned the consistent build-up could lead to damaging other components of your shower head. Regular showerhead replacement could be something you have to invest in.

3) Constantly Leaking

Do you have the problem of a leaky showerhead that just won’t stop? Did you change the washer inside the shower head and unclog the holes, and the leaks still persist? If yes, then replacing the showerhead could be the only way out to get rid of the annoying leaks. The wearing down of the showerhead can result in a faulty mechanism. The leak may be present in the shower arm, the shower head itself, or the shower hose. It’s better to call our expert plumbers in Edmonton instead of wasting water every day.

4) Old Mechanism

As your showerhead ages components inside can become old and can lead to problems. In addition to this, the style of your showerhead can become outdated and not match the look of the rest of your bathroom. Older models also tend to consume a lot of water and can result in a waste of water. Replace them with newer low-flow and energy-efficient models so that you can get done with your shower sessions without wasting too much water.

Are you looking for a plumber to replace your shower heads because you don’t want to take the risk of ruining the system with DIY replacement? Good decision! Call our local plumbers, and we will inspect the best shower head and plumbing needs for your home and install it too!


Your shower head plays a crucial role in creating a relaxing and enjoyable shower experience. However, when issues arise, it might be time for a replacement. Decreased water pressure, sediment build-up, persistent leaks, and an aging mechanism are all signs that indicate the need for a new shower head. Our expert plumbers in Edmonton recommend timely replacements to avoid water wastage, prevent damage to other components, and enhance the efficiency of your shower system. If you’re considering a replacement, reach out to our local plumbers for advice on selecting the best shower head for your home and professional installation services.